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Energy Healing & Hypnotherapy Telehealth Treatments

Treatments take place from the comfort of your home. Heal from illness or disease and set goals to improve your mental and physical performance.

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Online Healing Courses

Pleiadian Institute is the branch of Indigo International that delivers training 100% online. All of our courses include custom audio healing experiences on MP3, video masterclasses and PDF guides that present the topics you are learning about in a comprehensive and lively format.

All courses are open to beginners and can deepen and enrich an advanced practitioner's work as well. Work smarter, not harder. Take our resources into your healing practice or community and let them work for you!

Get certified & create a healing space.

Crystals & Healing Tools

OM APOTHECARY is the first social enterprise within INDIGO INTERNATIONAL. 

  • A social enterprise is a business designed to maximizing well-being and making a positive social impact. 
  • 100% of our profits support free and sliding scale energy healing tele-health clinics and online training for people in need.
  • We source ethically mined crystals from a beautiful heart-centered women-led business in southern California for healing practitioners. 

Career Training

Heal, learn, train & research in energy healing, hypnosis & spiritual healing with practitioners internationally from the comfort of your home.

We meet you where you are at and share a deep, transformative & comprehensive healing curriculum in the modalities we teach. Experience online learning & career training 100% online with a co-op education model that includes a network of hands-on virtual experiences.

I’ve been in preparation and creation mode for a few months now, as I’ve opened my own massage studio! (Back in November) I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt so inspired and motivated!

The creative aspect has been designing and arranging my perfect sacred healing space to not only utilize this as my own meditative space but also a divine healing space for treating clients. My “healing altar” has expanded into a whole studio!! I have arranged my crystals, saged, cleared the energy and my clients absolutely love my new space! This is my new happy place filled with love, healing energy, and the highest vibrational frequencies! I cannot wait to officially begin offering Reiki healing sessions to clients!!!

Saralyn (North Carolina)

March 11, 2024

Integrated Energy Healing Certification Program

"I actually felt like, “I can do this!” I have been nervous about working full time, having kids, and two classes at a time. I feel that this work is so important and that I am called to do it."

Jamie, Pennsylvania

Integrative Crystal Therapy Certification

March, 2023

"Working with this chakra helped me realize how much of a struggle I’ve had with this particular one. Whenever I’ve had Reiki done, I always feel a flow of energy there. During this meditation I asked for passion and creative flow to come through.

After concentrating energy on the Svadhisthana, I have felt more inspired and creative and have spent hours redoing my store and getting downloads that are beautiful and inspiring."

Emily, Oregon

Integrative Energy Healing Certification

March, 2023

"I'm traveling this week, but I put priority on my healing. I thoroughly adore this meditation. It brought so much healing and release. I love every aspect of it, thank you so much."

Daisy, Alaska

Integrative Hypnosis Certification

May, 2023

You are the light of the world.

We are stronger when we support each other.

Our mission is to make holistic healing more accessible to every human on Earth. We deliver treatments, trainings & tools virtually to enhance mental, emotional & physical health and, to heal from and prevent injury, trauma, illness & disease.

We practice radical inclusion, we honor and serve all people.

We welcome adults, teens and children of all ages, races, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities and income levels into our community. We turn no one away by offering a variety of options to join our community including research studies, scholarships, grants, and work-study programs.

We provide free and sliding scale clinics, scholarships

and grants for people in need.

Indigo Health Foundation

Energy Healing, Spiritual Healing, Hypnosis & Meditation

Our certified practitioners bring decades of experience and commitment to professional excellence in individual treatments and training.

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Do you want to explore our resources? Not sure how this will fit into your life? Membership is for you. Here are three benefits of becoming a member:


Stream Hypnotic Energy Healing Experiences & Meditations

Healing does not happen on a linear path. It is helpful to have a daily healing practice to guide your healing. Our evidence-based healing programs integrate hypnosis, energy healing and meditation. We give you a weekly schedule to follow. You can also opt to create your own program using the resources available to you in Indigo Ascension, our healing library!

Our custom programs meet you where you are and help you develop daily habits & mindsets to support your healing. All of our programs take place in an online portal with downloadable resources. They are a toolbox you can return to over and over again.


Hypnosis & Energy Healing Tele-health Treatments

With 11 years of clinical practice and over 300 people that have gone through our programs to date, we are motivated to help you because we have proof that our programs work!! It is SATISFYING to see results.

Following a process with proven results can increase your motivation. Our tele-health treatments happen within Indigo Clinics with one of our certified healing practitioners. Your practitioner works with you for a full series of treatments. Then you are given access to a healing portal with our evidence-based treatment programs & resources help you heal yourself. Our programs are designed to be repeated for sustained outcomes.


Free Monthly Livestreamed Healing Experiences & Masterclasses

Our healing system integrates meditation, energy healing, breathwork & hypnosis.

In our comprehensive masterclasses and healing experiences you can sample different types of healing modalities every month. You will learn more about how to create your own personal healing system that you can modify over time and return to again and again.

Our healing experiences are blueprints for lifestyle change.