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Our certified practitioners bring decades of experience and commitment to professional excellence in individual treatments and training.

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Oh, what a wonderful experience! I definitely feel lighter and brighter. The meditations are life changing and I love the love I am receiving and I know it shows not only in my physical appearance but in my behavior and thought processes as well. My health is improving as is my sleep patterns. I used to have insomnia before I started this program. My diet has improved and I even purchased a high end vegan vitamin supplement for my body because I now believe I am worth it! That is a new mind set 🙂

— Suttie (Las Vegas, New Mexico)

"I now have a solid daily spiritual practice which I can feel my energy drop when I miss a day or two. Both DNA activations were super powerful and created massive shifts/upleveling to happen in my life.

I can certainly see myself using the past life regression and inner child healing with my clients. Also loving the chakra work and going deeper into each of them."

- Jennifer (Ontario, Canada)

September, 2022

"As I start to take in these higher frequencies and learn to love myself unconditionally I am finding it much easier to build people up and shower them with light (even the people that I once found it very difficult to love) because LOVE is what I AM."

- Ariana (Seaside, Oregon)

March, 2021

"I truly love all of the meditations and would definitely integrate the connection to the light in everything I do around healing in the future. Also, the DNA Activation and Attunements are outstanding!

Not only do I sense a shift every time, but the intuitive feedback from Aimee is so confirming and encouraging. I would actually love to receive more live sessions."

- Anonymous (Lafayette, CO)

August, 2022

Heal, realign &

activate your lifeforce.

Energy Healing & Hypnotherapy Telehealth Treatments

Our energy healing & hypnosis tele-health treatments take place from the comfort of your home. Heal from illness or disease and set goals to improve your mental and physical performance.

On-Demand Meditation Library

Meditation, energy healing & self-hypnosis programs that support you in creating new daily habits and in connecting to your spiritual lifeforce.

Stream healing experiences & live masterclasses from the comfort of home!

Learn & get certified from the

comfort of home.

Virtual & In-Person Retreats

Our transformative retreats are designed to help you heal and learn in a variety of holistic health modalities.

Experience healing attunements and hands-on workshops designed to bring you into alignment with your highest self. Build habits and practices for a lifetime of health.

Courses & Career Training

Heal, learn, train & research in energy healing, hypnosis & spiritual healing with practitioners internationally from the comfort of your home.

We meet you where you are at and share a deep, transformative & comprehensive healing curriculum in the modalities we teach. Experience online learning & career training 100% online with a co-op education model that includes a network of hands-on virtual experiences.

You are the light of the world.

We are stronger when we support each other.

Our mission is to make holistic healing more accessible to every human on Earth. We deliver treatments, trainings & tools virtually to enhance mental, emotional & physical health and, to heal from and prevent injury, trauma, illness & disease.

We practice radical inclusion, we honor and serve all people.

We welcome adults, teens and children of all ages, races, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities and income levels into our community. We turn no one away by offering a variety of options to join our community including research studies, scholarships, grants, and work-study programs.

We provide free and sliding scale clinics, scholarships

and grants for people in need.

Indigo Health Foundation

Will hypnosis & energy healing work for you?

Our programs are a good fit for you if:


You want a plan to follow:

Healing does not happen on a linear path. We deliver evidence-based programs to follow and provide you with a support system. Our healing programs are meticulously created to support the highest healing outcome for all people.

Our custom programs meet you where you are and help you develop daily habits & mindsets to support your healing.


You are seeking a specific result:

With 11 years of clinical practice and over 300 people that have gone through our programs to date, we are motivated to help you because we have proof that our programs work. It is SATISFYING to see results.

Following a process with proven results can increase your motivation. Our programs provide you with specific healing resources, train you in mindsets and habits to support your continued healing, and an opportunity to meet with a trained practitioner to keep you accountable.


You are ready for change:

If you have tried hypnosis before and it did not work, or if you don't think hypnosis will work for you - OUR PROGRAMS ARE MADE FOR YOU! Our healing model integrates meditation, energy healing, breathwork & hypnosis.

Our evidence-based treatment programs & resources help you heal yourself. Our programs are designed to be repeated for sustained outcomes.

All of our programs take place in an online portal with downloadable resources. They are a toolbox you can return to over and over again.

In our comprehensive programs we hold your hand through the healing process and set you up for success in your future with a system that you can return to again and again.

Our programs are blueprints for lifestyle change.

Treatments + Habits + Mindset + Repetition + Time = Transformation