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    Experience distance holistic healing treatments from the comfort of your home! An eclectic blend of therapies to encourage transcendent health. BE happy, healthy and at peace.


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    The most affordable way to experience our distance holistic health treatments, weekly audio guided meditations and energy healing practices, weekly coaching and tons of practical resources for your journey to your highest self!

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Our Transcendent Health Clinic is a sacred space to bring healing light into every cell of your body and into every corner of your mind. Holistic Therapy, Reiki, Angel Healing, Crystal Therapy & Chakra Healing. All from the comfort of your home. The New Earth is Here! Explore our Transcendent Health Clinic!


Pleiadian Institute is our educational institute offering progressive holistic health programs online to assist you in healing, awakening and expanding your consciousness and professional certificate and degree programs to train the next generation of holistic health practitioners. You can participate from any computer in the world! Explore Pleiadian Institute!


Our mission is to be part of the global shift in opening humanity’s eyes to the power of natural and spiritual healing. We believe that as we increase knowledge of and access to holistic health products and resources and build a thriving community online the vibration of the earth will shift deeper into love :) Explore Our Crystals & Meditations!.




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