The Pleiadians are emissaries of light from the Pleiades Star Cluster emanating from the star Alcyone. They are here to help us ground the vibrations of Love and Light in our cells to assist us in the transitional period that the earth is moving through as it enters the Age of Aquarius. During this time, the earth’s electro-magnetic field drops to zero, and the Pleiadians are here to assist the flow of Love and Light to all of us who are on earth during the zero point transitional period. This is a time of intense transformation, we have unlimited power when we allow the remembrance of our essential nature of Love and Light to light our way. The Pleiadians appear to humans as light colored beings that are larger than life. They emanate pure Love and pure Light in a kaleidoscope of energetic frequencies. Together, they bring bliss into your heart and peace into the cells of your body. They achieve this by shining their light. Each type of light has a different vibration, a different purpose and a different name. The Pleiadians are first energetic beings and when we bring our attention to them, we can start to tune into their energy. The deeper we study and learn and connect to their energetic frequencies through DNA activations and attunements, the deeper we move into energetic alignment with them. Here is a brief overview of the messages of each of the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light inspired by the writings and teachings of Anrita Melchizedek…

RA’s Message

We are pure Light, pure Love, pure Divine consciousness. We emit the golden yellow rays of Divine Love and Light. We are here to guide you into remembrance of your truth as a Master Being of Love and Light. As you activate your lightbody and become a Master Being of Love and Light you are part of the activation of the crystalline grid, the lightbody of Mother Earth. As you accept that you are a Master Being of Love and Light you will begin to see that only through your limited belief systems and fears have you lost the ability to manifest and radiate the Divine. With courage and intent you are able to see beyond the illusions to manifest a reality that shares the universal nature of Divine Love, Light and Life and reflect this universal mind into your environment. We are all One, from the same universal source of Love and Light, it is your journey to recognize the universal oneness in yourself and all of those around you. As you experience and recognize the divine Love that we are all emanating from, you will become this Love and activate your higher light, your highest self. It is from this place that you can begin to remember your essence as a Master Being of Love and Light. Once you merge with your highest self through the Christ consciousness you will begin to radiate this light from within you as you take back the control of and responsibility for your life. As you accept your God and Goddess nature and merge with Mother and Father God, the Great Central Sun and the source of ALL That Is you will experience the highest frequencies of Love and Light that you will ever experience in this dimension.

PTAH’s Message

We are the nurturers of Alcyone, blue colored Light Beings here to bring protection to planet earth and all of her inhabitants. We work to reinforce the crystalline grid through holographic light frequencies to assist humanity as she make her transition into the next dimension. We work within earth portals to radiate the highest frequency of Love and Light from our Creator and Creatress to you. We feel like love, peace and harmony and radiate well-being to all of earth’s inhabitants and physical locations in need of healing. Call on us when you need loving support to reach the calling of your highest self. We remind you to nurture yourselves, dear ones for the time is near when your strength will be needed like no other time in history.

MA-AT’s Message

We are the red-colored spiritual warriors who protect sacred knowledge. We transmute fear into light through courage and strength. We are here to telepathically assist the healers, teachers and leaders of this dimensional shift to help you come into alignment with your life purpose. The telepathic frequencies we communicate within appear as patterns and shapes, information and teachings, or through other star children. We are here to help you remember the Divine knowledge you have once known.

AN-RA’s Message

We are green-colored Light Beings and hold the vibration of compassion and enlightenment. We are here to assist you in opening your human heart and healing from all past karma. We are assisting in bringing the pillars of light from the ninth dimension into the current dimension. As you merge with your higher light, you will join us in our journey to anchor the frequencies of Love and Light into the Earth Portals within the Light Body of Mother Earth and we will transcend together into the Age of Aquarius.

The Connection Between the Pleiadians and Ancient Civilizations

Current published work on the Pleiadians describes the light beings as being drawn to connect energetically and physically in the past with the earliest civilizations in Egypt, Machu Picchu, Glastonbury, Hawaii, Greece, Tibet and Africa. The names – Ra, An-Ra, Ma-at and Ptah – may sound familiar because they were frequently used in ancient Egypt, especially for royalty. The Pleiadians communicated with the ancient Egyptians of their spiritual knowledge, healing practices, development of full sensory perception, and understanding of Earth’s purpose within the solar system, galaxy, and far beyond. It is believed that Pleiadians took on human bodies in ancient Egypt, while others worked in higher dimensions with the dreamers, seers, healers, priests, priestesses, and royalty. Their purpose was the evolution of the planet and the human race, and to store enough higher knowledge here on Earth in preparation  for the Great Awakening.

Want to Learn More?

The Pleiadians are here to assist us as we journey through the rest of our life cycle on this planet. Although at first the energy of the Pleiadians presents itself as foreign (from a distant star cluster) when you connect to their essential energy we find many familiar concepts. Pleiadian Institute is a branch of Indigo International, where we have dedicated our lives to teaching multidimensional healing for holistic health professionals. To come into deeper alignment with the essential energy of the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light I offer a Crystalline Lightbody DNA Activation and Attunement Distance Healing Program, a series of energy healing activations and attunements to bring your cells and DNA into greater alignment with the light vibrations. References
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