Imagine your body at it’s strongest and healthiest.

Imagine a clear, focused, decisive and energized mind.

These qualities lay the foundation for transcendent health. Transcendent health is your highest state of health. This is different for each and every person, but the same process brings us there. You may be able to realize internally that transcendent health is possible and that you can overcome all lower vibrations by dwelling on the transcendent. Luckily for us, the Vedic masters have put together a formula to help us reach the highest state of health as human beings. The practice of transcendent health begins with a healthy, strong, flexible and joyful body and a self-excited, honest and committed mind. With these practices in place, the foundation is set for the greatest health of your life. This is not a magic formula, rather, it is a set of guidelines for a different way to journey through life, a way where health is FIRST, and all else falls into place from here.

Your Transcendent Body

Healthy Body

Transcendent health begins with a healthy body. A healthy body takes in nutritious food, pure water and fresh air. A healthy body also moves with life. Walking, jumping, dancing, swimming, biking, boxing, running, hopping, stretching, cooking, cleaning, and active living are all components of healthy activity for the body.

“… your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God … you are not your own … therefore glorify God in your body.” 

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Strong Body

Transcendent health begins with a strong body. Your body can begin where it is and move into greater and greater states of strength through yoga and strength training practices such as lifting weights. A strong body is one that has walked past fear and learned the power and joy that come from regular healthy practices.

Flexible Body

Transcendent health begins with a flexible body. Flexibility in the body creates a flexible mind. As you practice yoga, or other exercises that bring deep stretching and flexibility, you begin to stretch yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. As you sit in the stillness that flexibility practices bring, you will find your mind clearer and a deeper awareness of your emotions. It is from this place of inner and outer flexibility that any obstacle or challenge can be overcome with grace.

Joyful Body

Transcendent health begins with a joyful body. There is deep joy to be found in unity with your body. Even if you are quite out of shape or disconnected from your body, you too can experience this joy. It begins with finding joy in your daily healthy practices. Regular movement inspires joy. A regular exercise practice will raise your endorphins and bring joy into your life no matter who you are or what state of health you are in. Although there is often temporary discomfort in any exercise, the hormones that release from your muscles and flood your mind bring about spontaneous joy. And as you watch your body move into deeper union with this joy, transformation begins.

Move in the ways that bring joy to your every moment. Revel in the senses of your body, fall in love with yourself, every square inch… This is the path to joy in your body.

Your Transcendent Mind

Self-Excited Mind

A transcendent mind is self-excited. Everything is of the same essential nature. Your moods, your cells, your desk, your personal belongings, your home all vibrate at the same frequency. Excitement is similar to joy, the highest frequency to experience. Practice getting excited daily about the tasks ahead of you. When I worked as a traveling salesperson, selling casino packages door to door, the leader of the organization would lead a motivational group every morning. Here, dressed in his best suit, he would remind us of what was possible when we followed the sales formula that he had created. He always began with a recount of his success and the success we had as a group. Then he reviewed the formula for the day. This formula included talking with as many people as possible in one day (about 100) and trusting that out of these 100 people at least 10 would decide YES! This simple motivational speech always got me excited and I give myself the same pep talk before I begin big projects. I reflect on the success I have had on a project in the past, then I review my formula for completing the project successfully. I often bring in music to get me pumped up and excited and confident that I can do anything I set my mind to!

Self-Healing Mind

A transcendent mind is self-healing. We are here to heal. Be it illness, dis-ease, addiction, heartache, stress and anxiety, depression or loss; at every stage of life there is a struggle that we must face and a recovery period where we have to reestablish our identity again. By practicing transcendent compassion, we can anticipate that we will need time and nurturing so that our recovery process serves our evolution into our highest selves. The more quickly we admit to ourselves we are recovering from something, the more quickly we can begin to allow the healing to begin.

As long as we remember this each and every day, we can look at every experience that life brings us as an opportunity to heal. Healing from this perspective means simply coming into deeper union with our Creator and Creatress, the One that is All, and infinite existence. This is the home of all true healing, and through surrendering everyday in this space, we can open to greater and greater levels of health than we ever thought possible. Healing can be yoga, meditation, massage, energy healing or counseling. Healing can also be swimming in the ocean, hiking through the forest, or spending time in your garden. Anytime that your mind lets go of the stories that are normally running through it comes into unity with relaxation, peace, and a feeling of wellbeing – you are healing 🙂

Honest Mind

A transcendent mind is honest. To align our mind with integrity is perhaps the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and others. Integrity breeds health, and impeccable cellular function. ALL IS RELATED. Search your life for any aspect that is out of integrity and train your mind to be your greatest asset. The definition of integrity is:

“The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

The state of being whole and undivided.”

 If you make a mistake and do it again; acknowledge this mistake, make a new plan of action, let go of the mistake and start anew. With a child-like mind, let go of your mistakes and the mistakes of others and live in a present moment with your focus on living from a place of integrity. Know what is important and stand up for it with a heart full of unconditional love.

Health is truth. When absolute truth exists in our minds, absolute truth exists in our bodies and from this place, all is always well.

Absolute truth from the perspective of transcendent health is that only love is real.

Let go of any seeming mistakes of your own or of others and focus honestly only on the light, the lessons learned and the love. As you bring this kind of radical honestly into your life you align with your Highest-Self, your God-Self, the seat of transcendent health.

Committed Mind

A transcendent mind is committed. To commit means to never give up. When you commit to your own health, you promise yourself you will never give up. No matter how hard it gets. Even if everyone others tell you there is no way you will get stronger, recover, or be healthy again. They are wrong. Transcendent health is our birthright. God wants us to be healthy, as this health is a reflection of divine energy on this earth.

Your body is a holy temple, your mind is a vessel for enlightenment.

Commit to transcendent health and if you fall, get back up and recommit, there is nothing more precious.


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