Imagine your body at it’s strongest and healthiest.

Imagine a clear, focused, decisive and energized mind.

These qualities lay the foundation for transcendent health. Transcendent health is your highest state of health. This is different for each and every person, but the same process brings us there. You may be able to realize internally that transcendent health is possible and that you can overcome all lower vibrations by dwelling on the transcendent. Luckily for us, the Vedic masters have put together a formula to help us reach the highest state of health as human beings. The practice of transcendent health begins with a healthy, strong, flexible and joyful body and a self-excited, honest and committed mind. With these practices in place, the foundation is set for the greatest health of your life. This is not a magic formula, rather, it is a set of guidelines for a different way to journey through life, a way where health is FIRST, and all else falls into place from here.


Download Section I: Transcendent Health

Read all about Transcendent Health in this sample from the first section of my book, Chakra Healing for Transcendent Health!

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