“The wise say that the two states, dream and waking, are one…
though in fact the objects of waking experience, appear as real, still they are unreal”
– Gaudapada

In my own ascension journey, dream-tending has been a huge part of my awakening. Dream-tending is a process in which you step into your dreams and become the student of yourself as the dreamer. As you begin to understand that everything in your dreams is a reflection of energy that you are a part of, a deeper awareness of life begins to open.

Spending this time tending to my dream state has brought a more fluid experience of life for me. My dream tending has taught me that all of life is a dream. Waking is a dream, sleeping is a dream. When I give every part of my experience the same reverence my entire life becomes a series of dreams that I am given the opportunity to tend to like a loving gardener tends to her flowers.

Waking dreams are a type of dream that we participate in for healing.

Waking Dreams

Waking dreams are opportunities to look deep into your unconscious mind in a hypnotic dream state in order to bring healing to the past, present and future. The process has been used by indigenous healers and shamans for thousands of years. It is a process that allows you to access a time outside of our normal perception, waking dreams bring you into connection with a multidimensional reality where symbols, colors, feelings and guides bring you to heal and understand the journey of your soul. Waking dreaming is a hypnotic process that allows you to analyze, heal from and release the symbolic messages that come through in your dreams.

You do not have to remember your dreams at night or dream vividly in order to experience healing through the waking dream process. Waking dreams bring you into the threshold between the spirit and physical worlds. This is a highly creative state, a place where you can access your dreams and use them to gain access into the depths of your soul.

Past Life Regression

“The dream is the small hidden door in the deepest and most intimate sanctum of the soul, which opens to that primeval cosmic night that was soul long before there was conscious ego and will be soul far beyond what a conscious ego could ever reach.” – Carl Gustav Jung

A past life regression is a type of waking dream. Working with waking dreams such as past life regression has been a gateway in the ascension journey for me. It is a tool to bring greater awareness to your life through looking into the lives that your soul has experienced before, in order to open yourself up to heal from these past experiences. Beginning to work with your memories of past lives requires that you are open to facing the limitations that have held you back in the past and that you are able to embrace and learn from the height of all of your achievements. Realizing that everything in your experience has much deeper roots – beyond this lifetime – is the key to bringing about deep healing.

Envision our world, every world we have come from and all of time as existing in this huge web of energy intertwining and weaving back and forth throughout each other. Accessing the lives you have lived in the past is as simple as reaching into that web of energy and attracting that energy or lifetime to you. You attract that lifetime by setting the intention to do a past life regression, setting up the time to connect and allowing yourself to open to whatever form of energy flows to you.

Over the course of the many lives your soul has lived, problems were not always dealt with and healed from. Instead, like today, you have suppressed your feelings and emotions in the past; and then you carry that karmic energy with you until you are ready to release it. You may be able to release it through your everyday waking conscious life. This is how most people work through their karma. A past life regression is hypnotic process that allows that deep karmic healing to take place in another reality – in your subconscious reality.


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