Spirituality is easily confused with religion. It’s easy to see why; if one were to ask someone why they are religious, they may say things like, “Well I believe in God,” or “I feel it in my heart,” or the favorite “I just know.” Ask someone why they are spiritual and you will likely hear those same words. A spiritual person just uses a different path to God than the traditional religions have offered. Spiritual people may practice traditional religions also, on their own or within a community. Today, there is no clear line that separates spirituality and religion, as we enter into the new earth, we will see the shift begin where more and more people are developing a personal spiritual connection with the Universe, with nature and with themselves.

Understanding Spirituality

Spirituality is the sense of awe and wonder we all have about the creations that surround us. It’s who we are, what we hope for, how we pray; it’s how love works. Spirituality is that piece of us that attracts us to something outside the ego. It’s the human appetite to seek our creator.

When you think of spirituality it’s possible that you imagined people wearing necklaces of bones and whispering over a potion, or even a simple yogi in the lotus position. Both of these things have to do with spirituality, but they are simply representations of spirituality.

The definitions of spirituality have expanded to just about any type of activity or act that can give you a deeper connection to spirit through people and the world around you: biking, swimming, yoga, dancing, writing, and art, to name a few. You probably never noticed that many of these are rituals disguised as “routines.” Now, a religious person may be a Christian, and Christianity is their religion; to praise their savior, they go to church. A spiritual person may be an artist, and art is their religion; to praise it, they go to a museum. Yoga, tai chi, and qi gong are spiritual practices that have to do with the movement and strength of the body, and learning to control one’s flow of energy. Taking a walk through nature, going for a hike, and camping are all means for getting in touch with the spirit in the world around us. These acts allow us to appreciate the wonders of the universal spiritual energy that we are all a part of.

Science and Spirituality

Science over time has recognized that there is a God. Research and speculation on the eternal human psyche, the separation from the ego, the God gene, quantum physics, electromagnetic fields, and in the last few decades the science of meditation have each made their own impact on our perception of God. The spiritual world has also embraced science like never before. Even the Pope recognized the heliocentric system, the possibility of the Big Bang, and has noted the lonely effects that today’s social networks due to the technological replacements for human interaction can have on people.

A common spiritual practice, meditation, brings a few things to mind: silence, \”ohm\”, and stillness within. There have been many insights into the practice of meditation that have come from the scientific fields. Meditation brings deep self awareness and introspection. Introspection is the psychological act of observing and reporting one’s conscious inner thoughts. This is how spirituality plays a part in discovering one’s deepest desires and truths, searching ourselves from within.

The Great Split

Tom Cowan, author of Yearning for the Wind: Celtic Reflections on Nature and the Soul paints a vivid picture of The Great Split:

“Once upon a time, a spell was cast upon people across the land. The spell made people believe we are all separate beings with no connection to each other and no connection with nature or the rest of life. The spell continued the belief that anything we could not see, hear, feel, smell, or taste with our ordinary senses did not exist… Happiness only came from financial gain, collecting material objects, and having power over people, the animal world, and all of nature. [Humans were made to believe that people can’t be creative and this spell put people to sleep.] They forgot about the beauty of life and their own soul’s purpose. The light went out of people’s eyes as the old knowledge of how to talk to nature was forgotten … and the veils between the worlds [were lost]”.

The above is a familiar tale of what is known as “The Great Split.” It is the very interesting idea that the human senses are numbed and we have separated ourselves from nature. It is the emphasis of duality, the idea of “me” and “not me.” Do you dare disagree?

Humans connect to nature because we long to connect to something greater than ourselves. This connection is accomplished by the use of the five senses. The soul, the life force that keeps one alive, is constantly fueling the human body and those five senses. As the body and the soul come together they produce vision, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. Within \”The Great Split\” the soul is experiencing the world through human senses instead of the human being able to experience the world through the senses of the soul.

Dualism is the concept of two separate entities, such as the body and the soul. It is a common psychological term and its opposition is monism, the joint of the body and the soul. We need a dualistic world in order to come into union with spirit. If we did not experience separation from nature, than how could we know what beauty exists when we return to nature? \”The Great Split\” highlights the separation and drive for unity that exists simultaneously in the world of both spirit and matter. It is walking between these two places: the separated state of the ego and the unified state of pure spiritual consciousness that the journey of spirituality begins.

The Future of Spirituality

This Universe is a magnificent living masterpiece. Even the term “Universe”, or one song, signifies the beauty that is life. It is sacred, and it is changing. We are on the brink of a new era. Over the course of the 20th century, the restoration of the human senses in the natural world has steadily climbed its way back up. Spirituality has begun to make a comeback in peoples’ lives. Thomas Berry, a Catholic priest of the Passionist order, cultural historian and ecotheologian reminds us that, “We have finally realized that our [universe is made up of a psychic and physical-material dimension]”. The Universe is a grand system, the planet Earth is a subsystem, and human life is an even grander subsystem of the Earth.

In the coming era, spirituality may very well be all people know. It is known as the “Ecozoic Era”, the rediscovery of human intimacy with the Earth, Sun, moon and stars. One’s psychic identity is made of the communion of these elements and more, however, the breakdown of the Earth today and its restoration are necessary for this transformation. Spirituality is the catalyst for this change.

Now, take a moment. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Listen to the fading noise of your surroundings, to the beat of your heart, and to the stillness within. Find your place in that peace and keep it with you always. It is your link to something you’ve always had.

Want to Learn More?

This an article by Jordan Rodriguez,the creator and creative director of The Daemos Chronicles. We are honored to share Jordan’s writing with you and encourage you to explore The Daemos Chronicles, it is beautifully illustrated and a story deep with wisdom.


The Sacred Universe by Thomas Berry.

Spirituality: Beyond organized religion there’s spirituality by N. Burke.

Yearning for the Win: Celtic reflections on nature and the soul. by Tom Cowan and Sandra Ingerman

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