To live in alignment with truth is to honor the divine within. Your truth is a knowing that you hold deep within. Your truth makes you feel empowered. My son builds Legos all day. He has learned about ‘Master Builders’. He identifies as a ‘master Builder’. If you ask him, ‘Are you a Master Builder?’ he will affirm with conviction, ‘Yes!’. When you can affirm a strong, Yes!, you are in alignment with your truth. Anytime you feel restricted, insecure or afraid to reveal your “real” feelings you are disconnected from your truth.

To try something new that is more aligned with your deepest truth, go to a quiet place out in the arms of Mother Earth with a journal and writing utensil. Tune into the place deep within you that always knows what to do. This place is not in your head, but deep in your solar plexus; the home of your divine will. Ask yourself the questions,

‘What do I know for sure that makes me feel alive?’

‘What is true for me?’

‘What do I want to be true for me?’

After each question pause and give yourself time to write down in your journal whatever comes to mind.

When you tune into your truth it will feel¬†unlimited, you will feel inspired and alive. Truth wants to be expressed and allowed to flow freely. When you get in touch with your truth you often get the feeling that you want to ‘sing it from the mountaintops’. This feeling is always a sign you are in deep alignment with your truth.

Rooting deeply into truth will always require change. Once you know what is true for you, it always leads to what you want to be true for you. New structures needs to be created in the physical world to support what is true within. It is a time of planning and a time of being with the opposites. You know what you want in the physical world, and it can be frustrating when what you know is coming has not yet emerged.


Self Love

To be able to express your truth, you need to be loved and in a loving environment. Love begins within. Here are some awesome affirmations that I use everyday to train my mind in love ūüôā


Divine Alchemy

Alchemy is the sacred communion of two forces that result in a third. Alchemy requires the right vessels and the right proportions. When you get in touch with your truth, and ground yourself in love, you are ready to create a new reality. Divine alchemy is a process that I developed that walks you from where you are to where you want to be. It is a formula to bring physical, mental and emotional changes to support what you desire to be true.

Alchemy can be practiced with all opposites; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It can be used to take the current state of your life, apply action and thought to create your new reality. All opposites in this way can be made into a unified third. It is only a lack of will and disbelief that keeps opposites, opposite.

You are the only one who is keeping your universe separate. In truth life and death, material and spiritual, what you have and what you want are all one already.

The Divine Alchemy Process requires:

  1. The right ingredients, process,vessel and faith that you have all you need to create your deepest desires.
  2. A mind like water. An open mind, ready to move around, flow and maintain balance with all that you encounter.
  3. Love, attention, patience and nurturing.
  4. Sacrificing of some immediate desires and surrendering the need to have it all figured out.
  5. Adaptability, trust in the bigger picture and listening closely in silence to the calling deep within.

This post is an excerpt from my upcoming book, Divine Alchemy: Manifesting Miracles. Follow my journey as I write the book on Facebook!


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