Choosing the light begins with choosing to see innocence and guiltlessness in yourself and all others. Clarity and truth live in the light. When you choose to see the innocence in everything, your mind perceives everything with more clarity and you can more easily discern the truth. It is pretty amazing. This practice takes mindfulness. I have been at a crossroads several times in my life when I had a difficult time accepting the behavior of a person close to me. Each time I had a emotional response to the behavior that triggered past pain.  Choosing the light in these cases did not mean that I stopped feeling disturbed about what was going on. Instead, I chose again and again and again to focus my thoughts on the innocence in the present moment.

Choosing the light allowed me to stop participating in the drama. Once I began to make choices to perceive the light, I simultaneously moved into alignment with my highest self. From this place answers to my prayers came rapidly and my intuition became clearer than ever. From this place I realized my oneness with the Creative Spirit of the Universe. This realization has helped me in every area of my life. It marked a pivotal point in my own ascension process.

As you choose thoughts of the light and act in the light you deepen your awareness of and connection to the light that is emanating from deep within you. Believe in your greatness; the light is already shining brightly within you, it only takes regular attention to help it radiate out.

Choosing the light is a lifelong practice. It purifies and cleanses your spirit, and it takes time and patience. Here are four tips that have helped me greatly:

1. Trust, believe and reflect on your genius and innocence and of the genius and innocence of every other being on earth.

2. When you are challenged, let go. Let your tears purify you. Let your heart break open so widely that it may let the suffering of the world in.

3. Believe that miracles occur in every moment of the day, right now is the time to own your power as a being of love and light!

4. Reflect on the love and light in every cell of your body. Reflect on the light in all people and situations that you meet.

The light is peace, the light is power, the light is the reminder that we are all one in truth. As you slow down, and breathe this light into every cell of your body, breath by breath…moment by moment, all can be released. All pain, heartache and suffering dissolves into the light. Your power lies in your ability to keep your mind and body bathed in the light every day.

True Love

Understanding, loving kindness, joy and forgiveness are the foundation of true love.  These qualities are born and cultivated with ease when you bathe yourself in daily practices that are full of light.

As you practice bringing understanding, loving kindness, joy and forgiveness through every thought and with every action… you ascend into the light. One by one as we choose to focus on the qualities of true love, we meet each other in higher dimensional planes of consciousness where everlasting life is truth.

Understanding, loving kindness, joy and forgiveness are also the foundation of everlasting life. In eternal life true love eternally dances with the light purifying & renewing.

True love teaches us to appreciate and to honor our feelings as guideposts leading us to our greatest destiny. True love exists first within, then radiates out to attract all that is aligned with it.

As you cultivate true love for yourself, doors will open where there were only walls, forgiveness will flow with ease and your mind and body will transcend into the next dimension of living on earth.

The time has come to love and accept all as a divine lesson here to bring greater awareness of our unity and common purpose here to create heaven on earth through love.

This blog post is an excerpt from a book I am writing, Think Love, Speak Love, Be Love. I hope you enjoy it! I would love to hear your thoughts about choosing the light and true love in the comments!


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