Since the creation of our planet earth, an increasing amount of light has been anchoring into the crystalline grid. This light has been slowly illuminating the energetic grid. These illuminations are creating similar illuminated perceptions in our minds that are creating a new physical reality on earth. This is often referenced as the New Earth, and is known more widely as the movement into the Aquarian Age. This anchoring of light into the energetic grid that surround us is helping us to shift from the third dimension to the fifth dimension of reality on earth. As we make this journey together, it will be helpful for all of us to share our dimensional awareness as we transition through different stages of this ascension in the different parts of our lives.

Transitioning Dimensional Awareness

In the third dimension, we created our world unconsciously, projecting our unclaimed shadow out onto other people, places and things. Letting go of the third dimensional ways of thinking will help you to ease into the changes ahead with ease. Pay careful attention to your thoughts and notice how your thoughts about other people, places and things are simply a projection of your own thoughts. Strive to see yourself clearly and with time you will illuminate your shadows and claim all aspects of your divine being.

The easiest way to transition from the third dimension is to focus on love. This focus will bring you into the forth dimensional reality. In this reality, you may still see others as the source of your pain, but you will begin to focus on love. As your focus on love becomes more and more predominant in your conscious mind, you are able to connect to the infinite source of Love and see how that Love is reflected in every person, place and thing in your world. This shift in awareness brings you into the fifth dimensional reality.

In the fifth dimensional reality, we are “lit” from within and our world becomes a reflection of how we are expressing our energy in the world. This shift is not something that is going to happen overnight, or all at once. For a while you will find yourself participating all dimensions simultaneously. The best practice is awareness. In the fifth dimension, it is effortless to walk with the divine and to see the divine in every person, place and thing. In the fifth dimension, everything is our responsibility because our life is simply a reflection of our inner world.

Practical Strategies for Moving Through ‘Problems’

The increasing light pouring in as we move into the next dimensional living space has also illuminated much that was not in alignment with our highest selves. All of the messy situations you have been encountering lately are opportunities to own your shadow, grow and learn.

To clean up any mess, focus on the blessings that cleaning up will bring you. When you think about the negative aspect of a situation or curse someone or something, you block the energy of love from flowing in and working a miracle.  As you stop to express gratitude for your ‘problems’ and ask to see the blessing that is present, you allow love to flow and open to the miracle… 

Positive change is on the horizon. However, because you’ve shifted into new energetic frequencies, you are no longer feeling in alignment with old people, place and things… So, it may feel like lots of stuff you don’t like. However, this change will require you to let lots go as you embrace your new self… You may feel pushed beyond your comfort zone, but trust in the divine perfection of the universe and remind yourself to see the struggle as the greatest part of the lesson.

The Universe is Supporting Your Deepest Desires

It is a time like no other to devote your attention to your priorities. Every ounce of energy that you invest in your dreams and deepest desires will pay dividends now, so waste no time in getting done the daily tasks that are necessary to reach your goals.

As the energy of the Goddess pulses through the energetic grid that connects us all during this transition, you will feel the pull to create balance and harmony that may be stronger than usual. These energies are a natural balance to the active masculine energy that is moving you to create, do and organize. The Goddess reminds us to clean, beautify and harmonize all of the details of our world this year. The soul of our planet and the soul of humanity is in need of restorative healing right now. When you find the time to bring healing to yourself and the people in your life, you create ripples in the web that connects us all, making it easier and easier for nurturing and peace to come to others…

Everything right now is about love… Nothing will align in your life without complete alignment with love first… Spend time in nature nurturing yourself to help your heart to soften and open to the divine love that we all have access to…

When You Are Facing Uncertainty

Prepare for all the changes that are coming by weeding out all that you no longer need to make space for what is coming…

Keep your energy clear and high and you will soar through this transition… allow yourself to become a victim of negativity and you may find yourself drowning in the mud. This is a time of intense energies, and high vibrational practices will be your saving grace as the world around you deals with all the same intense energies. Remember to practice mindfulness meditation, energy healing, and protect yourself from lower vibrating energies.


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