Like the rain that flows naturally from the sky, miracles flow naturally from love.

When loving is a natural state of life, miracles flow naturally.

A miracle is accompanied by a feeling that washes over your entire body that motivates you to the highest action. This is a loving, gentle and powerful force that always brings feelings of being deeply comforted and nurtured by the truth. You only need to turn your attention to the presence of love, truth and peace. I repeat this affirmation regularly to help me remember I have the power and it comes from within:

All it takes is attention over time and practice. Just like any other skill, connecting and communicating with the presence of love, truth and peace and working miracles can be practiced, and over time you will find yourself working more and more miracles every day in your life and the lives of your loved ones.


Miracles are a natural and divine process.  At the core of miracle work is the quality of forgiveness. This means that you do not have to command a miracle to occur. Instead, allow the energy of forgiveness to enter your mind and every cell of your body and then, allow the miracle to unfold in your life naturally without trying to control the outcome.

Miracles naturally occur as expressions of love that come from forgiveness. Forgiveness occurs through the reversal of perceptions. This begins with prayer. The three step process below is meant to be applied as a lifelong practice. You cannot force results in miracle work, the process requires alignment, practice, surrender and patience 🙂

Step 1: Pray for love, truth and peace to enter your perception of every part of your life. Pray for your heart to open and forgive yourself and anyone who has wronged you. Keep praying until you feel forgiveness and love for yourself and for everyone involved in the situation you are seeking a miracle for.

Step 2: Allow space for a revelation to occur! A revelation is an experience of total love. A revelation feels like the strongest sense of love you have ever experienced. You must create time and space for the revelation to naturally occur. Keep your attention on praying, forgiveness and love and in time it is energetic law that a revelation will occur.

Step 3: Practice transcendent forgiveness daily. Forgiveness can happen all at once or over time as you become aware of the nature of all of the ways you have believed the illusion that surrounds you and remember the truth of love that creates miracles. When you forgive yourself and others for believing the illusionary world where anything other than love is real, you practice transcendent forgiveness. All that is left to do is wait in joyful expectation of the miracle and CELEBRATE when the miracle comes!

I repeat this process over and over as many times as I need to. I wait for the revelation – the shift to feeling total love about every person and experience in my life. Once the internal process is complete you only need to wait with joyful expectation for the miracle. It may come right away, it may take hours, days, months or years. I am always successful with patience. Keep your mind focused on the miracles you want to work in your life and follow this practice, you will find doors open where there were only walls before 🙂

It is a lifelong practice to let go of the illusions of fear and surrender to love.

It helps to know we are all in it together. Prayer, faith, love, forgiveness and celebration of every small miracle nurtures the BIG miracles that are ready to bloom in our lives.

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