This is an experimental post and the first of many as I move through writing several books with guided meditation and creative visualization programs. This is one of the first posts from my upcoming book Think Love, Speak Love, Be Love: The Journey to Transcendent Health. It provides you with three places to turn your attention to when you feel like you need love.

There are three paths that all lead to love. They are not the only three, but provide you with a solid foundation in some practices to go about seeking love that will undoubtably result in success with time, patience and optimism.

Follow Your Dreams

When you focus on your dreams, love flows naturally. Listen to this short meditation to bring you back into vibrational alignment with the remembrance that your dreams will come true.

(This short meditation is produced by Indigo International, Narrated by Aimee Rebekah Shea with Archangel Zadkiel as musical accompaniment by AngelEarth.)

All dreams with a higher purpose feel this good.

Your dreams are rooted in your connection with this earth,

it is why your soul is here,

to bring to wholeness to what you have been dreaming,

over the course of many years and many more lifetimes.


Once you connect to this feeling, sit with it for 10-15 minutes and just let it wash over your body, breathing in and out, let the remembrance of this essential truth guide you through each day.

After you have practiced this clearing and visualization, it is most effective to sit down with a clean notebook and allow to flow from your mind those thoughts that come when you ask yourself the question:

What are my deepest dreams for myself in life?

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind comes from remembering that only love is real. Love is the foundation of our universe, but also present in every living cell in our bodies. To assist you in remembering that only love is real.

Truth is love. Love is truth.
Sin is simply a lack of love. Sin is simply a call for love.
Everything that God made in it’s purest essence is true and loving.
God\’s love is omnipresent, omnipotent, everlasting and eternal.
God\’s love for me is omnipresent, omnipotent, everlasting and eternal.
God trusts I will be shown the truth and follow the path to love.
God trusts I will make my way through all of the illusions to remember the truth that only love is real.

To begin a daily practice to train your mind to let go of the illusionary thinking based in fear from your past and to

align with the truth of love, join me for a 365 day journey through A Course in Miracles.

Creative Expression

Let your soul sing, release the rules you have been taught and allow yourself to flow in the effortless space of pure creation. Whatever your heart desires to create, do it, and do it with wild abandon. Be selfish with your creativity, for it is God\’s gift for you and all creative arts are in service to humanity, so through your creative expression, you shift the energetic vibration of the planet assisting humanity\’s move into wholeness. Paint, draw, cook, play and let yourself be free and expressive with your creation. We are here on earth to remember as many moments of pure joy and bliss as possible in this lifetime. Feel your connection to your eternal source, the joy and love that effortlessly flow when you are in a state of creating with the divine.

Three Paths to Love

In each of these practices you will find love. Love at the root, but also in the flowers and the stems. The entire process of dream-making, peace seeking and creative expression are only possible with love present. Love is the presence that gets our juices flowing, our appetite whet for what we desire. It is also the presence that keeps everything together and flowing cohesively in your life. The more you seek love, the more places you will begin to find it until you remember your true destiny, the freedom that comes in recognizing that only love is real and that you are the master of your connection to your eternal fire, the true source of love and light within you.

We all are, here to bring the planet into a new vibration of wholeness. As we all seek to weave the fibers of love more deeply into our everyday experience of life, together we become the bridge builders of the next dimension of life on earth – one grounded in awareness, love, joy, transcendent health, selfless sacrifice of the ego and renewal. It is from living in this place that love will flood into your life.



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