I was recently given the opportunity to read a book excerpt from the Angel, the Witch and the Warrior, a book intended as guide for the ascension movement. The book is a healing journey that provides essential truths as we begin the process of shifting dimensions. The author Janine Regan-Sinclair welcomes people into walking a deeper path with spirit. Janine presents three essential truths that mark our journey into the New Earth…Read on and remember 🙂

We All Have A Divine Opportunity

We are being given the opportunity to repair damage, to fix the broken souls we have become, and to evolve into a higher level of being, with pure intentions in our hearts and minds. All have the Divine spark within us, and together we create the whole. We have a lot of divine assistance, and it is not only possible but also necessary for us to change. It must happen; the Divine Plan will be carried out in accordance with God’s will. If we pray for God’s Will to be done, that alone will help tremendously.

There are Already Enough of Us to Walk Together into the Next Dimension

There is a universal formula that states that the square root of 1% of the population will be enough to change the holographic world we live in, to create a shift in consciousness. That’s not many when you think about it. In a world of approximately seven billion people, it is only about 8,000. This is the minimum needed to start the ball rolling in the right direction, and change is already upon us. In July 2012, during one of my meditations, I was informed that we have already reached this figure, which is fantastic news. The sky is showing the colours of the rainbow, as more light enters the planet. Good things are happening, but the mainstream media generally only informs us of the bad stuff. However, more and more of us are waking up and doing our bit to help with the ascension process. Fear is the biggest problem, as it keeps mankind trapped in base mentality, causing the fight or flight mode to ignite, and from that perspective people tend to fight. By raising awareness and releasing fear, we can raise our vibration and respond from a higher level of consciousness. It is the wise choice really, the changes are happening now, and we are all a part of the Divine Plan.

We Can Strengthen and Repair Our Cells and the World Through Self Healing, Prayer, Love and Compassion

Science tells us that we live in a matrix, a holographic reality that reflects our beliefs, feelings and emotions; our desires, goals and fears are played out for us to learn lessons in order that we can grow. The world acts as a mirror to our consciousness; we are constantly being shown our loves and our deepest fears.

The three basic patterns of fear are related to abandonment and separation, low self-worth, and fear of surrender and trust. These fear-based thoughts, desires and beliefs create the negative aspects of not only our daily lives but the reality of the whole planet. The only way to rectify the hologram is to remove the fear through self-healing, prayer and education based on spiritual growth, and to replace that fear with love and compassion. We need to connect to our higher minds and our divinity once more. Look up the word lightworker, and see if you feel a calling to help in some way. Some lightworkers are teachers, others are therapists and practitioners, some just need to look after their own families and be the best examples they can.

Whatever choice we make, what is important is that we wake up and take back our power.

If we want peace, we must be peaceful

If we want trust, we must trust one another

If we want love, we must love ourselves and one another

If we want compassion, we must forgive one another.

Many people believe that we are Spirit inhabiting a body that acts as a temporary chariot for our life on this planet, where free will reigns supreme in order to help us to develop. One big experiment began way back in Lemuria and Atlantis, designed to help us raise our frequency in order to become enlightened beings once more. That is why there is a need for the complementary and alternative therapies and medicines. Many people are remembering old skills and using herbs, crystals, sound, colour and other healing aids to repair the damage, and re-awaken our original 12-strand DNA blueprint, to enable us to re-connect with Source and live in peace once more, as the pure souls we once were.

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