In 2019 someone on this Earth dies every 3 minutes from a stroke. Hundreds of thousands of others are left paralyzed.

In 2016, I experienced a stroke, and it saved my life and changed it forever in the best possible way. I really believe that every illness and disease is present to change us, a gift that opens our awareness to a new way of living that our body or mind is calling for. This is my story 🙂

In 2005 I entered into a relationship with a man that was abusive. I have written about it before. It was simultaneously the darkest time of my life and the time that I truly was able to step into the light in the greatest way I have ever done. In 2009 I gave birth to my son. I didn’t see the abuse for what it was in the beginning. I started to accept it as a way of life and my stress levels rose along with that decision. I started compulsively smoking cigarettes, then I switched to loose low-quality tobacco in a pipe. When I started to feel stress from the relationship, I had this feeling like I could not breathe. I would inhale the tobacco and it was the only thing that gave me relief. Very quickly, I I developed an addiction. I would not be able to speak to him without inhaling smoke compulsively. I remember thinking that I had so much pain around him that hurting myself even more with this smoking was in a way making me feel better, I started to literally feel pain in my chest every time I smoked. It was easier to hurt myself then to be honest about the pain that existed in my life. It was disturbing to experience. The smoking was something I did every single day, multiple times a day and I know now that it is one of the leading causes of stroke.

In 2016, the relationship was still present in my life and I had begun a habit of dwelling on the out of integrity actions that were occurring now on a daily basis. On the day of the stroke, I was driving my car. I often during this time became overwhelmed with emotion from the verbal, emotional and physical abuse and had to leave my home to find balance. The absolute WORST feeling is when you have abuse happening in your home, it brings so much stress because there is no longer a safe space. Even when the abuser leaves the home, the energetic imprint of the abuse is still present there. So my safe space became my car.

In my car I would often pray. That day I was crying and praying simultaneously when I demanded, “show me what is going on”. I was asking God and all of the universe to show me the truth of what was going on in that relationship and why I felt so horrible. In that moment, I received a flash of such horror that I felt in every cell of my body to be true, without providing too much personal detail, it was like I asked for it and I got this image this window into a den of deception that I was participating in, and it shook me to my core and made me emotionally sick. In that moment, I began crying so much that I hyperventilated and I felt something break inside of me. It all lasted seconds. I then realized what I had done, I started breathing again deeply to regain my consciousness, which I definitely lost for a moment. I was about 5 minutes from my home at that point in a residential neighborhood driving very slowly. At that moment, I didn’t know I had a stroke. I drove home shaking and all I could do was sleep.

In that moment of the stroke that I had the vision, what I could feel immediately is that I had to stop investing my emotions in this relationship. I literally felt myself in that moment make a decision with every cell of my body. I didn’t know it was a stroke, but I knew that I had hurt myself by the amount and level of energy I was giving this relationship. Something came over me and I realized that I could no longer invest one ounce of energy in this relationship, I needed to invest my energy into myself and healing.

The first symptoms came when I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed my face was drooping on the right side. I needed to sleep alot more to function. I often felt like I needed to lay down during the day to rest. I started to feel the entire right side of my body was slightly numb. Most noticeably, it took me a long time to process what others were saying and doing.

But at the same time I was observing all of this, I felt this new presence with me. I identified it was a Pleiadian Guide that was here to guide me through this time. It was like there was this new dimension I was tapped into. I had prayed that night for help over and over, and the more symptoms I noticed the more I prayed. I felt this guide with me every moment of every day, and specifically when I was around the abuse.

I felt like I was empowered in this new way. When I was in a situation with the abuse and he spoke to me, I would take a LONG time to reply, because I was listening for my guide to process what he had said and to guide me in a response. That is how I communicated for a long time.

It was not something I consciously was doing, I wasn’t calling on a spiritual guide every day to be with me. Instead, there was just a presence, a Pleiadian presence within me, that had been birthed out of this situation. So I trusted this new energy and new way of communicating. There was an ease and comfort in this new way of communicating and being.

However, the abuse did not end and unfortunately, it got worse before I was able to get out of the relationship. Over the next 12 months, in addition to the verbal and emotional abuse that was ongoing, I was hit repeatedly, raped, strangled and brought to court for the custody of my son.

It knocked alot out of me. It also made me acutely aware of the symptoms and depth of what happens to your body when you have a stroke. My mind was not clear and my body felt out of balance every single day. I could only focus my mind enough to work for one or two hours a day. I would work all day to get into a space in which I felt clear and strong enough mentally to work. During this year my income took the biggest hit, so not only was I having a hard time with my daily life, but I had about 75% financial resources to work with. It took me about another year to develop a plan of healing, but through it all I leaned upon the DNA Activations & Attunements that I was doing and dove deeply into creating my meditation programs.

I felt intuitively that the DNA Activations & Attunements could heal me from the symptoms of the stroke and also from the cancerous cells that I could feel had begun to form in my body as a result of my tobacco habit. As a note, I was abusing the habit of smoking as a way to cope with my stress. I think there are healthy ways to incorporate tobacco into your life, but this was a compulsive addictive relationship I had developed. As I went through that first year of court, I continued to smoke, even as I felt the cancerous cells in my body. It was a difficult time for me and absolutely brought up every limiting belief and experience I had. Of course, this was all perfect and here for me to grow and ascend through but at the time, it was a HUGE struggle.

Also, as all of this was unfolding, Pleiadian Institute was launching in the Fall of 2016. I had no idea how I was going to do it, but I felt in every cell of my body that I had to keep moving forward in my work, and so that is what I did. The people and students I have been working with since 2016 have only known me at the absolute lowest point in my life, and it has been HARD. I have faced alot of criticism in both my personal and professional life due to the limitations that I experienced because of the stroke, and I dropped more balls than I had in the air. But I kept going.

Because I could not articulate what had happened to me, and because others did not understand, my relationships with others were strained. But I didn’t know what else to do other than to commit to my work and healing, and forgive myself, because I knew the truth. And I felt that presence of the Pleiadian guide continually with me.

It has absolutely been my commitment to DNA Activation & Attunement, chakra healing, crystal healing and to healing my physical body with lots of movement and agility training, that has led me to the healing from the stroke. But in the beginning, I could not find the energy for the physical movement and I did not have solid physical movement routines. I would just use this combination of breathwork and energy healing and visualization over and over and over again.

Most days it was the only time that I felt healed, whole and complete because during my other conscious hours I became hyperaware of all that was out of balance. It was also during my healing time that I prayed to be led to natural and alternative therapies that could heal me. During this time I was led to experimenting with natural herbs and supplements that made 100% difference in my mental clarity and ability to get back to work. However, it took me a long time to find a recipe that worked for me. I am actually passionate about sharing my herbal and supplementation routine after the stoke, because it has been life-changing for me! I will take some time to write another article about that!

I am a person that really believes that everything happens for your greatest good. God is ALWAYS working in my favor, even when outside circumstances would paint a different picture, and I for sure have felt that grace with me over the past decade.

Today, I feel the healthiest I have EVER been. I am physical, mentally and emotionally stronger than before I had the stroke. And I am dedicated to helping other people who have suffered a stroke heal from the inside out by breathing high vibrational light through their bodies. I believe in the process and practice of energy healing, specifically DNA Activation & Attunement like I believe in the goodness of life. We are being shown new ways to heal the cells of our bodies, and sometimes it has to be through the fire that we find it.

This experience for sure has brought me through the fire and I actually feel BETTER for it, and I am just so grateful to be alive, to be healthy and to now live in a safe space surrounded by love and protected by the grace of God.

Do you know someone who suffered a stroke? Within the Transcendent Health Clinic, we are now operating Research Clinics, where we welcome people in to participate in DNA Activation & Attunement, energy healing, meditation and a complete holistic therapy program! If you or someone you know is suffering at any stage with Cancer, Epilepsy, Anxiety or Depression, recovering from stroke, living with Autism or recovering from sexual trauma you can join our research clinics. Have you never been diagnosed, but feel you have some symptoms associated with any of the above? Then join me!

If you are feeling called to learn these transformative modalities yourself and integrate them into your professional healing practice, then join me at Pleiadian Institute, as I am teaching a new program this year, Master Energy healer, where you are led through a journey of weaving together DNA Activation & Attunement, Crystal Healing, Spiritual Healing, USUI Reiki and EFT in a tapestry of healing that is the perfect foundation for a holistic healing practice.

You can also join me weekly in the Transcendent Health Clinic, even if you don’t have anything ‘wrong’ or anything to ‘heal’ from. The process of DNA Activation & Attunement meets you where you are at. In addition to healing from physical, mental and emotional imbalance, it also helps you rise into your highest self. You let go of all no longer serving your highest self, on a cellular level, and it has been life-changing for every single person I have led through it!

I feel my greatest days are ahead of me and all that I have experienced is here to help me step into my greatest radiance! We are all being led into alignment with our highest selves through our life experiences, and I hope this story helps you to remember we are always being supported by our spiritual support system, and it is during our lowest times that we have the most space to welcome in our spiritual guides and to allow them to lead us into new ways of being on Earth!

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