During this sacred time in the evolution of our planet, it is essential to understand that you have the power within you to work miracles already. All it takes is focus and practice. Just like any other skill, miraclework can be practiced, and over time you will find yourself working more and more miracles every day in your life and the lives of your loved ones.

The Process of Miracles

Miracles are a natural and divine process. This means that you do not have to command a miracle to occur.

The first step is to pray for a miracle. Keep praying until you feel only love for everyone involved in the situation you are seeking a miracle for.

Prayer leads to revelation, which is an experience of total love, revelation feels like the strongest sense of love you have ever experienced. .

At the core of miracle work is the quality of forgiveness. As you allow the energy of forgiveness to enter every cell of your body and allow the miracle to unfold in your life naturally without trying to control the outcome. Every day should be devoted to forgiveness as a pathway to miracles.

Miracles are part of the divine process of forgiveness. Miracles naturally occur as expressions of love that come from forgiveness. Forgiveness occurs through the reversal of perceptions. When you perceive only love, miracles are natural.

Miracles are expressions of love. Miracles are the highest service we can provide to ourselves and to all others. Miracles awaken the understanding that spirit, not the body, is the alter and essence of truth. A miracle is accompanied by a feeling that washes over your entire body that motivates you to the highest action; it is a loving, gentle and powerful force that always brings feelings of being deeply comforted and nurtured.

A Prayer for Miracles Daily

Thank you God for the love and miracles that you place in my life every day without me knowing. Forgive me, for all ways that I have separated myself from love. Give me the power of love in my heart today to forgive all that my brother has done and believe in the perfect love that is the centerpiece of my life and the life of everyone I meet.  Please allow the miracle to bring holiness to my perspectives, raise me beyond the sphere of the physical into the celestial. Bless me with a miracle today, let me walk in glory and know the truth and healing power of love.


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