The root of the holy relationship is a happy song of praise. The holy relationship is learned. It is the highest expression of love on the earth. It is the essence of reality. A holy relationship can happen with anyone; with family, friends, our spouses, lovers and domestic partners, with our children and with people we encounter online as well as strangers in the street.

The belief in the holiness of all people, places and things transforms the unholy and opens us up to the energy needed to perform miracles.

How does this happen?

By simply changing your mind about each of your relationships.

Everything you see is seen through the lens of your life experience, the past. This is why patterns repeat in your life, often you are presented with opportunities to walk down a new path, but you see through the eyes of the past.

You have given everything you see all the meaning it has for you. This is why you see things and get upset. Old perceptions are hard to change, because everything you see is rooted in past experiences. Because you have believed in the past in the unholiness of people, places and things, you unconsciously carry that belief into your present reality. The holy relationship is the reversal of the unholy relationship. In the unholy relationship, you do not see the ‘other’ as deserving of forgiveness, instead you see the ‘other’ through the lens of your past relationship with him. Any moment that occurred before this moment is the past.

Everything in life is like this. As you learn to let go of all thoughts from the past you can begin to move into the mental space necessary to walk in holy relationships with each and every person in your life. The first step is the hardest, but it only requires your willingness in each moment, one at a time, to see all that is not love as a call for love. Once you are willing to shift your perception, the gifts of the holy relationship unfold.

The other person in the relationship does not need to see the relationship as holy for you to make it so. As you shift your perception to perceive with love and forgiveness, you have created the holy relationship.

This doesn’t mean that the relationship needs to continue. You may need to see the holy purpose of the relationship and then let the person go from your life with love and forgiveness. You can transform ANY relationship to a holy relationship through your perception. You can have a holy relationship with your abuser, with someone who has attacked or betrayed you, with someone who has stolen from you or hurt your family or friends, with the unstable leader of your country. All that is required is you open your mind to seeing the person as God would see them, as an innocent being deserving of forgiveness. God offers this forgiveness instantly to us, it is our purpose as miracle workers to embody those Godly qualities and to ask to see all people in our lives through the loving lens of innocence and forgiveness. This practice is called the Holy Instant. All Holy Relationships are realized through the practice of the Holy Instant.

There are some teachers that interpret the Holy Relationship to be a special relationship, one that is not entered into with everyone. Those teachers teach that the Holy Relationship is one in which both people must come together with a common purpose of being united with the Holy Spirit in a Holy Relationship. However, when I read A Course in Miracles carefully, that is not what I find. I find that the purpose of ALL relationships are to be holy and it is our duty as miracle workers to see all relationships as holy and to practice forgiveness as a means of elevating all relationships in life to a holy place.

In fact the Course in Miracles states that, ‘All who meet will someday meet again, for it is the destiny of all relationships to become holy’.

It is the destiny of all relationships to become holy. You make the decision. You surrender yourself to the Holy Spirit, and from that place you begin the transformation of all relationships. As you let go of all thoughts from the past you open yourself up to holiness. You open yourself to seeing the world through the eyes of God, through loving eyes of innocence and forgiveness that live eternally in the present moment.

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