When I first started studying A Course in Miracles, I would talk to the book and say, ‘I need a miracle!’ Then, like an oracle, I would open it and trust the message that my eyes fell upon. To me no one lesson was more powerful then the Holy Instant. It teaches that choosing to see love is a decision that can be made in one instant. It taught me that a miracle is to perceive as though the highest living God were living within both myself and all others in my life.

Choosing Love

In order to choose love, it is best to understand how to do that. There were at least four types of love that were both identified in scriptures and in Greek culture. Eros is the word that describes sensual love. Storge is a word that describes family love. Philia refers to brotherly love.Ā Agape is the highest of all the forms of love and it describes divine love.

In choosing love, our goal is to choose Agape and allow Eros, Storge and Philia to flow in service to divine love.

Embodying Agape comes through living with the perspective that all that is not love is a call for love. In serving those that are calling out for love, you will be pushed to move through your fears, and to surrender control. The hardest time to choose love is when you have felt hurt, abused, betrayed or manipulated by another. This is where the practice of the holy instant comes in šŸ™‚

The Holy Instant

A holy instant is a moment in which you choose to see the innocence and love in yourself and in the other person. It is the moment that you choose to forgive yourself for focusing on anything other than the innocent perfection within yourself and all of humanity.

In this holy instant of choosing love nothing happens that has not always been. Nothing has changed on the outside. However, you generally feel good inside, the shift that choosing love brings has deep roots within your body.

A holy instant is the gateway to the miracle; for it is when we make the decision to change our perspective from fear to love. You can pray or even just ask for the holy instant as often as you would like to.

I have had several powerful experiences in which a situation that was out of integrity with another person came to a boiling point. I felt taken advantage of and I was angry and hurting. I sat in my meditation practice and asked to see the innocence in the other and to forgive. On each occasion, a weight on my heart lifted. Somehow I was led to understand the other person’s point of view and became aware of the innocence present. No matter how awful the moment, the practice of choosing to forgive, see innocence and love always brings me back to my truth and brings peace back into my heart.

Affirmations for a Holy Instant

A miracle occurs every time you choose love instead of fear. These affirmations are meant to help train your mind to open to the holy instant…

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