To see the holiness of all experience is to see the divine and the sacred in every part of life. It is to practice reverence for the smallest things, to practice love for another as one would love oneself.  In truth, all experiences are holy and when we reflect in this way on our life, our lives become filled with holy light.

Every relationship serves a holy purpose. Every single one; relationships with family, friends, co-workers and people that you meet on the street. Within each holy relationship is the holy trinity; Father (God), Son (Man and Woman) and the Holy Spirit. At the beginning of time when all was one, God created man through a force as powerful as himself, which today we call the Holy Spirit, to travel with man on his journey back to God. This is the nature of reality. God separated us from himself so that we could know the journey back to him in physical form. However, he knew our egos would need a guide back home. The Holy Spirit is this guide.

To return to the awareness of the holiness of all experiences, we must open to seeing life through the eyes of God and the Holy Spirit. First practice the following thoughts:

This thought is holy.
My body is holy.
This conversation is holy.
This person is holy.
This room is holy.
This situation is holy.
This work is holy.

For in the now all is perfect, holy and a divine expression of God\’s love, always.

Start with the things nearest to you and then extend your focus outwards. Don’t intentionally exclude certain things, be very honest with yourself. As you trust that the Holy Spirit lives in you, you begin to see with ease the holiness in all of existence. The Holy Spirit sounds like a whisper, or comes as a vision or dream, she is the good angel on your shoulder, gently giving you signs and messages that make your heart sing. The voice of the Holy Spirit is ALWAYS loving and is never confusing and she holds the key to the kingdom of heaven. The messages of the Holy Spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and faithfulness. Follow her and you will walk with angels, and begin to see the world through the eyes of the divine.


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