Your body is formed by an invisible life-force energy, one that shapes your mental body of personality, complexes and attitudes, emotional body of feeling, and physical body including every one of the 37.2 trillion cells in your body. This energy moves through four places; inner, outer, above (spirit) and below (earth/flesh). The energy moves in concentric patterns; inner and outer always at opposite ends of the spectrum of circles; above and below also hold opposing places. This energy shapes our life and sets us on a path as human beings to reach full individuation and wholeness through loving and accepting all aspects of ourselves

The Diamond Body

The merging of these opposing energies sparks a fire. When inner and outer become one, transformation occurs. When above and below become one, bliss and ecstasy occur. When all are merged, there is no longer black and white judgment, but a kaleidoscope of energetic patterns. This formation of energy has the strength of a million men, of a thousand armies, of a hundred Gods. It is indestructible and eternal. It can never be torn apart for it is flexible; woven together with so many threads. In this kaleidoscope of energy that contains all, all that enters becomes transformed. New vibrational patterns are born every second with the convergence of so many diverse energies. It is a deeply beautiful process. When the spirit moves into the body in this process it merges with the body to create a new essential body within; this is the diamond body.

The diamond body emerges out of a still place, it is the eternal home of our inner peace, our divine security, the place of blissful indifference. This is the place where all our wounds can be healed and the place that we can surrender to wait for our dreams to come true.

The diamond body is the home and the creation of life force energy, also known as Kundalini, Shakti and libido. It is a place of deep oneness; no choices, no judgments, no limitations, no forms, no ideas. To reach a place of individuation is to know your own inner, outer, above and below and to move into the diamond body to understand the illusion of it all.

The diamond body is an energetic phenomenon and a symbol that epitomizes the totality and essence of life force energy as it flows through our bodies in complete harmony. The diamond body is something that is created organically and with practice. To begin the formation of your diamond body there are three steps:

  1. Move into alignment with the zero point field, also called Akasha. The easiest way to do this is through meditation. Akasha is Sanskrit for “sky” or “ether”. Within Akasha is recorded every action, emotion, thought and experience of every living being. It is a living library, the Akashic Record, known by quantum physicists as the zero point fieldAll particles of energy are never at complete rest, they are always vibrating. The zero point field is the lowest vibrating state of being in which life still exists. This state can be achieved through hypnosis and deep meditation. In this state symbols can be implanted into your consciousness that work on emotional, intellectual and imaginative levels. Images acts as a magnet; attracting the energy, transforming it and releasing it as a healing power. In this state your psychic energy frees your physical energy, and your physical energy illuminates the psychic. This is a powerful place to use your voice is to clear any imbalance in your body somatically. In this zero point state through breath, imagery, music, voice, and movement vibrational frequencies can be reached that can facilitate release of deep energetic cords holding disease or illness in the body. Through consciously implanting images deep within the unconscious mind change happens with ease on an emotional and intellectual level. All transformation begins on the level of imagery first, you can envision health or a better way of living.

“The body is our school, our lesson, our protagonist, our beloved enemy, our shadow and anima/us, the deep friend of our soul. Our bodies, so much the stuff of the world, so sensitive to our inner images, are more changeable than we think, more fluid and spiritual, more infused with light than we guess. Our bodies finally become the jumping-off place into the higher realms, and may accompany us in some higher form into other worlds.” Conger

2. Bring an awareness to your life-force energy. Life-force energy emanates from and is created within the body. The body is therefore the first temple on earth that this divine energy flows through. This energy feeds our unconscious and conscious minds with symbols, images, instincts and drives, it shapes every part of our being. It then becomes our greatest gift that we are given bodies as vessels with which to observe this energy, for without our bodies, the life-force energy would have no container to hold it, to harness it, and to creatively express it. The physical body is infinitely intelligent, use your intuition to tune into the energy that runs through your body and let go of all that does not serve your highest self.


3. Create a daily practice in which you bring awareness to and express your thoughts and emotions. You can do this through journaling or writing in any form, through the creation of art or through speaking or singing. When emotions do not have a container; when the energetic impulses are not expressed, they somatize themselves in the body. If we listen to our bodies today, they can speak to us about the emotions and experiences locked deeply within. We must simply decide to be present and still with our bodies, to move, to listen deeply and to trust the quiet voice within. As we allow ourselves to let go of habits, patterns, thoughts and behaviors that are no longer serving us we open up to allowing fresh life-force energy to enter our lives.

The Secret of the Golden Flower

To know all and sit at the center is to know the essence of the secret of the golden flower, it is to know the Tao, the universe and God.

Golden Flowers are drawn or seen from above, as a regular geometric pattern, or in profile as a blossom growing from a plant. The plant is frequently a structure in brilliant fiery colors growing out of a bed of darkness, and carrying the blossom of light at the top. The golden flower is the essence of the mandala symbol. The origin of the golden flower is suggested to have come from the ‘germinal vesticle’ or ‘ the dragon castle at the bottom of the sea.’ This germinal vesticle is consciousness and life, like a seed, that is awakened by an energy from below; it comes alive and flowers into the Golden Flower. This process follows the patterns of alchemy as well; a substance known to be birthed from darkness into light in a circular energetic process.

‘The circular movement has the moral significance of activating the light and dark forces of human nature, and together with them all psychological opposites of whatever kind they may be. It is nothing less than self-awareness by means of self-brooding.” Carl Jung

The circular aspect of the golden flower holds it’s potential for transformation, the golden light that emanates from the flower, describes best it’s essence. It was perhaps best stated by St. Hildegard of Bingen:

“Since my childhood I have always seen a light in my soul, but not with the outer eyes, nor through the thoughts of my heart; neither do the five outer senses take part in this vision…. The light I perceive is not of a local kind, but is much brighter than the cloud which supports the sun. I cannot distinguish height, breadth or length in it…What I see in such a vision stays long in my memory. I see hear, and know in the same moment…I cannot recognize any sort of form in this light, although I sometimes see in it another light that is known to me as the living light… While I am enjoying the spectacle of this light, all sadness and sorrow vanish from my memory.”

The secret inherent in the golden flower is the essence of this light. The light is the essence of life-force energy, it is the seed of creation, into which all things merge into one. I have experienced this light; as an all encompassing nurturing energy that surrounds me, much like a womb, all doubts fear, hopes and joys merge into this light, so that all is known, and all is experienced in the same instant. I know that as long as we understand the essence of the golden flower, we can begin to live life in a more authentic way. Once we have experienced our connection to a bigger energy in life, one that comforts us, nurtures us, protects us and surrounds us in every moment, we can move into a deeper connection with life.

This is an excerpt from my first book, Chakra Healing for Transcendent Health!

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