We are now at the threshold of the Age of Aquarius, just entering what will be a 2,500 period on Earth. Many believe that those who chose to incarnate during this time are here to be light-bringers and torchbearers for the generations to come. We are collectively holding a vision of a New Earth, and the Age of Aquarius will unfold for thousands of years building on what we are doing right now! It is such a beautiful time to be alive!

Each planet and constellation holds an energy. When we bring our awareness to this energy, it helps us to come into harmony within, for everything in the cosmos is reflected within our own bodies. That is why we feel so good in nature. We are harmonizing with essential elements of divine intelligence that are present within all matter. That’s why hugging a tree, or working with crystals for healing never feels ‘bad’. When we are vibrating with parts of our own divine nature in matter it feels good!

As our Earth orbits around the sun, it helps if we connect to the different energetic frequencies of each position of the cosmos we are in. I think of it like riding a train and looking out the window. You can’t get off, but if you pay attention, you can see a lot of beauty! As we tune into the position we are at in the cosmos with each new day and month, it helps us come into greater energetic alignment and also empowers us as humans on Earth!

Each constellation has both an element and a symbol that represents it, if it is located in the zodiac. The constellation of Aquarius exists in a position in the zodiac aligned with the element of air and Uranus, the planet of freedom, change and revolutionary vision. The element of Aquarius is air and the symbol and archetypal energy that it carries is of the water bearer. If you are on a healing journey, air helps you to heal your mental body and mind. Water helps you to heal your emotional body and emotions. When we are in alignment with Aquarian energy we are supported in healing our mind & our emotions. We are also supported in the freedom to change our thoughts and feelings. I LOVE this energy! It is perfect for healing!

Water in ancient Celtic & Egyptian cultures was known as a source of inspiration, wisdom, truth, purity and as support for eternal life. I find it also fascinating as I write this, I am in the middle of a 10-day water fast, and I feel amazing mentally and emotionally! Water is so nourishing, and I think we are disconnected from really feeling the nourishment of pure water and the healing effects it has on our bodies and minds!

The Waterbearer symbol that represents the energy of Aquarius, is a man or woman pouring water from a large vase-like container. The water-bearer represents the pouring of spiritual wisdom and truth onto humanity. Our alignment with Aquarius at this time is supporting all of us as we create change, freedom and revolutionary vision in our lives.

To come into alignment with the Aquarian Consciousness, there is no better time than when the sun and the moon and other planets like Mars and Saturn are in alignment with the constellation of Aquarius! Lucky for us, we are blessed with lots of alignment with the energy of Aquarius in the upcoming years!

Mars in Aquarius

March 30 – May 13, 2020

March 6, 2022 – April 15, 2022

Saturn in Aquarius

March 21st – March 7th 2023

Moon in Aquarius

2020 Moons

April 15 – April 17

May 12 – May 15

June 9 – June 11

July 6 – July 8

August 2 – August 5  – Full Moon

August 30 – September 1

September 26 – September 28

October 23 – October 25

November 19 – November 22

December 17 – December 19 

Crystals each represent a unique divine ray of light crystallized into form. Each crystallized form holds it’s own frequencies of healing. There are specific crystals that are aligned with the frequency of Aquarius that will help us to tune in with more depth and clarity to this energy right now! I spend a lot of time writing about the healing properties of crystals. Here is a list of all the crystals that help us to align and heal with the Aquarian energy, click on each crystal to learn more.

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