Divine Service is a term used by Lutherans to describe the Holy Eucharist. The Holy Eucharist is both a sacrifice and a sacrament. A sacrament is a holy act, one done in service to the highest good of all beings.In Christianity, it is a ritual performed regularly that reenacts the last time Jesus Christ gave himself to his disciples. It was the last time on earth he was in service, and it was a holy day reenacted every single day in Christian and Catholic churches around the world. This powerful practice of giving yourself in service to another is Divine Service.  To offer Divine Service is to sacrifice something for another and to do so in a holy way, serving their highest good.

It is part of my personal practice as a miracle worker to surrender my life to Divine Service. I pray that every experience be in service to the divine 🙂

Divine Service

To give yourself to others in service of their highest good is very different than giving to an ego-based service request. We all have good intentions when we try to give our ego, or another’s ego all that we want. When the desire is present to serve the ego you are not always serving the highest good.

My time as a public school teacher gave me great insight into the nature of burnout coming from giving to the ego’s needs and the necessity of surrendering to the highest good in every minute. Public school teachers are often surrounded by hundreds of tiny egos who are all needing their needs met. However, when you try to meet the egoic needs of every single child, it is a recipe for exhaustion. It was in the middle of my most challenging experience as a teacher, in a low-income and high-risk school in Florida that I found myself in my greatest state of burnout. Everyday I would come home and feel the weight of my students needs upon my shoulders, I would have to take long walks and often long cries, to release the burden of this weight I was carrying.

After days, weeks and months of feeling this weight, I asked God to enter my classroom. In the middle of my lessons, when I felt the dozens of little voices all crying out for my guidance that I would close my eyes for seconds, and pray to God. “Please lift me from this place and instill in me a higher knowledge of how to handle this situation”, I would ask. I did this many times a day, whenever I was feeling overwhelmed, which was often.

Over time, my burden began to lift, I became more and more able to see how to serve the highest good of the children without trying to give them everything they wanted. I did this by anticipating their needs and putting in place systems that would help them get where they needed to go. With these systems in place, I began anew. Each day, I asked simply to be of service to my own highest good and the highest selves of the children.

This required more boundaries, more ‘rules’ and more guidelines of how to get things done; it required more ‘work’ initially. However, when I surrendered to their needs from a higher place, the constant exhaustion ceased and things got easier. I also loved creating structure in the classroom and so the process of ‘working’ more before I entered the classroom was often a joyful one. As I researched all the ways I could help my students my heart became a little lighter and my hope was renewed. I was able to hear their needs without feeling burdened and had the patience and power to sit with these needs in my planning time and create a plan of action ahead of time to serve their needs from a higher place.

Tips for Surrendering to Divine Service

1. Slow Down. It is easy to give in to the egos of others because it is more simple in the moment to give another what they are asking for without thought. Simply slow down your impulse to act right away. Stop, take a deep breath, close your eyes, drop their request and pray that what you give is serving their highest good, and is being given with a light step and loving intentions.

2. Let go of anything in your life that is not serving your highest self. Your highest self is the highest vision you have of yourself. You know who this person is when you close your eyes and imagine yourself at your healthiest, your strongest and your most loving. You know what you need to be in this place. Let go of all that is not serving this vision. Every single thought, every single action, every single behavior. Leave no stone unturned. Become a masterful observer of your own life and question everything you do. When you are totally in tune with your highest self it is MUCH easier to tune into what the highest good is for others.

3. Here are three questions I ask myself every time I am presented with something new to take on in my life. These questions always refocus my mind and ensure that I am serving the highest self of all of those around me.

1. Does this decision bring me and the other person closer to God’s love?
2. How can I serve in a way that feeds my primary relationship with God?
3. How can I serve in a way that brings me joy?

4. Vigilance. To be vigilant is to be attentive in every moment. It is the action or state of keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties. When you take on new habits it will help the process of surrendering. Athletes are a constant source of inspiration for me, and Venus Williams is one of my favorites. She reminds us, “The thing about tennis is if you stay off for two weeks, or just for three days, you can lose your rhythm quickly. So it\’s just a question of constant diligence and vigilance.” Be vigilant in your quest to surrender to Divine Service, and the rewards will be great.

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