Spiritual and intuitive work begins with learning how to qualitatively define the realms of the unseen world and in depth practices including clearing, protection, diet, grounding, meditation and journaling to heighten your connection to spirit and your intuition.

Development of your spiritual and intuitive senses is a lifelong journey.

Every child, teenager, man and woman alive should learn spiritual and intuitive skills. Just like learning to read and write, learning how your unconscious brain works and processes information and learning how to open to and listen to that still small voice are skills that with practice over time will bring you into a whole new way of relating to your life. Living from a place centered in spirit and intuition gives you access to the divine guidance system that we all have within.

Opening your intuitive mind begins in silence.

The best place to tune into your divine support system is in a sacred quiet space. It also requires you to be in a centered space in your own life. Spiritual insights can come into a cloudy mind, but a clear mind can hear the messages of the divine with more depth. The divine speaks through every aspect of your existence, every rain drop, every leaf, every interaction and every situation in your life.

Opening up to seeing the divine in all of nature and all of life’s interactions begins to strengthen the intuitive part of your brain.

When you shift your perspective from looking at all of your life from a worldly place and ask the divine to lead you through every single movement of your day, you will begin to open your intuitive mind rapidly. I attribute my own intuitive awakening directly to the attention I decided to place on spirit in every moment of every day. I asked spirit to become present to me all day long. Then, when I saw the signs on a daily basis, I didn’t question them, I trusted and followed these signs. I am also asked the question, How can you trust so much? How can you see the feather on the ground and trust that this is a message from spirit. The answer is simple, I decided to. The more I trusted that every moment was being brought to me from spirit, the good, the bad and the mundane, the more my intuitive mind was strengthened.

Organize and let go of everything on the outside in order to bring order and create space for insights within.

It is essential to bring worldly order to all of your affairs so that when you begin to receive the intuitive information it is not cluttered from the things that are in your life already. Let go of everything that is not serving your highest self. When you wake up in the morning, ask your divine support system to show themselves to you throughout your day. When you start your day with the intention that the divine is going to be present with you, it opens up your reality to magic.

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