\"Become\”The happiest people I know are dedicated to dealing with the most difficult problems. Turning around inner city schools. Finding solutions to homelessness or unsafe drinking water. Supporting children with terminal illnesses. They face the seemingly worst of the world with a conviction that they can do something about it and serve others. For many social entrepreneurs, happiness comes from the feeling they are making a difference.\” 

Kimberly Maul

Social Entrepreneurs see an existing problem in the world and seek to change it through innovation. Our vision is to bring holistic health treatments, training and products to the world while supporting men, women, and teens through providing a portal for social and economic advancement and training.

What is Social Entrepreneurship?

\”Social entrepreneurship is about innovative, market-oriented approaches underpinned by a passion for social equity and environmental sustainability. Ultimately, social entrepreneurship is aimed at transformational systems change that tackles the root causes of poverty, marginalization, environmental deterioration and accompanying loss of human dignity.\” University of Oxford Skoll Center for Social Entrepreneurship

This is an exciting time to be part of this life-changing movement!

Our Social Entrepreneurship Programs bring help to support individuals and families in need with holistic health products and educational programs. Our social entrepreneurship programs provide an opportunity to earn an income working from home and give back to your local community and the global community.


Here\’s How Our Social Entrepreneurship Programs Work:

Step 1: All of our social entrepreneurship programs operate completely online. There are no fees or costs associated with our programs, you trade your time for benefits from us and you earn income through our program from the referrals you make. We teach you how to send us referrals and provide you with the places to go online to start the referral process as well as ongoing training to build your career as a social entrepreneur.

Step 2: Complete Training – All of our programs require about 9 hours of initial training, and 3 hours per week of ongoing training. It is ideal to have another 5-10 hours worth of time set aside every week to fulfill your duties as a social entrepreneur. So, becoming a social entrepreneur requires about 13 hours of ongoing online work on your part!

Step 3: Start your journey as a Social Entrepreneur –  Once you complete the training, you will receive weekly training to guide you through the process of spreading an awareness of our products and programs with the world, and in your own home country or state.

Step 4: Start Earning Income – You earn money as a social entrepreneur through referring our products and programs to people and businesses in your home country or state. We provide you with the places to go to begin and the training to expand your network in your home country as well as countries that you have an interest in connecting with. For every product or program that is referred to Indigo International, you earn a commission deposited weekly to your account. In addition to this Indigo International donates 11% of each commission to building a virtual portal for your home country or state online and towards scholarships for those in need! Not only are you helping yourself, but with each referral you gain the opportunity to give back to the people who live around you! Join us as we work to bring an awareness of holistic health products and practices to the world!


Email [email protected] with the words Social Entrepreneur Application in the subject.

We will email you the details of the application process for this program!

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