The essence of our nature as humans is that we project our thoughts out into the world. The Universe then creates by extension whatever you think about. That is energetic law.

The true essence of our divine reality on Earth is Love.

Our world needs you to walk in love to begin working miracles daily.

When you look at the world around you and affirm it’s reality, you are unconsciously strengthening the projected reality of the collective consciousness of our world. When you first affirm that only love is real and look at everything through those eyes, it is a major shift to undertake. It takes courage to reject what the world sees and believe only in love, especially when you think you see something that is not love in any given moment.

Anytime you notice yourself thinking a thought other than love, remind yourself that only the projected thoughts of your ego can see something other than love and dismiss these thoughts. Then focus on whatever love you can see in the moment.

For example, you hear about the killing of an innocent child by a police officer on television. You immediately think that this police officer is wrong and a negative emotion may arise. This thought stems from your ego, for all thoughts of wrong-doing and negative emotion stem from your ego.

However, even in the worst situation, God sees only love in each of his children. So, in this moment, pray to see the love that is there. Make it a practice to look through God’s eyes. It is in this moment that the miracle is born.

As you give yourself fully to this practice it helps you surrender to the truth that only love is real. This is the best way to walk in God’s embrace as a miracle worker on this earth.

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