In our perception of our life we view sacrifice as loss. To see anyone else in another body, separate from your body is actually an illusion in the eyes of God. In God’s eyes we are all one body, and therefore anything you sacrifice for another human being is really just a way to bring both of you back to God.

Nothing in this world is separate, we are all one. However, we have been trained to see the world as a place of disunity. Each person and place and thing has built a wall around itself that seems so solid that it looks as if it is a different. This is based on the belief that if we joined with another completely that we see as separate and attacking us, loss would come.  We therefore spend our entire lives trying to keep our separate selves maintained.

In truth nothing is for you alone. To practice this truth, you must practice seeing all of your fellow human beings as yourself.

 This is not to say you do not have unique gifts to give to the world that are different from the unique gifts of others. This truth lies at the center of the contradiction of our universe, we are one, yet we are born as unique individuals. The unique gifts that God has given each of us is our treasure house that is as rich and limitless as heaven itself.

From this place every sacrifice you make can only benefit your fellow human.

The key then for creating a foundation for miracle work in your life is to see each of your fellow humans as individual divine expressions of God. No matter what the circumstances, your job is to focus on the holiness within each and every person you come across every single day. When you judge or attack another you actually participate in the illusions of this world and separate yourself from God’s world, a place of heaven on earth, where every child is equal and one in truth. Every time you believe in the sin of another, each time you attack or judge another, you separate yourself from God\’s truth.

The most beautiful part of God’s world is that in every instant we are reborn, so that any sin you believed in, any attack or judgement you have had of another is instantly forgiven in God’s eyes. In this holy instant of forgiveness that happens every single second of every single day you are given the opportunity to live in God\’s truth again. You must release belief in sin, attack and judgement in order to begin to work miracles in your life.

It can be hard to release the belief in sin because many of us have been taught that God has rules ans those who don\’t follow the rules sin. God sees sin as an step away from his truth. However, the root of sin is error. Once you correct that error, even as a thought in your own mind, forgiveness is granted. God\’s forgiveness is transcendent. God’s forgiveness will keep you safe from all the injustice the world will lay upon you. Believe in God’s truth of unity, love and forgiveness of all sin and you will begin to walk in heaven on earth.

Your mind is both conscious and your unconscious. Your unconscious is a collective of your past thoughts, emotions and perceptions of experiences. Your conscious thoughts are simply a perception of the present moment that stem from your unconscious thoughts, emotions and perceptions of experiences that you have believed since the beginning of time. Therefore, none of your thoughts are ‘true’ in the sense that they all stem from your past perceptions, not from the only truth that God and God’s perceptions are the only truth that exists. In our human minds then, there is no neutral thought, for all thoughts are perceived by us through our current perceptions of reality and are always either a thought of peace or a thought of attack.

Affirmation for the Day: We are all one in God\’s eyes. My specialness is here to serve the specialness of others. All sacrifice will not weaken me nor make me stronger, it will simply return me to truth.

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