Libidinal energy is a psychological term for ‘life-force’ energy. Carl Jung introduced me to the purpose of understanding the way libidinal energy shapes our psyche.

Jung saw libido as, “…a creative life force energy, we all have it, but we channel it in different ways. The libido can be channeled creatively into a broad range of psychic, creative energies and pursuits.” It is at the center of all emotional & mental responses and patterns. It manifests itself in varying ways throughout our life.

At the center of our consciousness and subconscious minds is an energetic force that is channeled and manifested in different ways.

Libidinal energy is shaped by our constant adaptation to the external world. Libido manifests as a forward moving, ‘positive’ force or as a backward moving, ‘regressive’ force in our lives. Whenever the libidinal energy meets an obstacle, an accumulation of energy builds which creates momentum to overcome the obstacle.

If we do not move forward with the accumulation of this libidinal energy and give up on the obstacle, our libidinal energy regresses. It reverts to ‘an earlier and more primitive mode of adaptation.’

Both the progression and regression are necessary in our growth and evolution of our psyches. We need to be able to press forward and overcome obstacles, but we also need to be able to feel the frustration that comes with regressing back to an earlier pattern.

It is energetically necessary to touch both poles of experience in order to know that the other exists. How would we know what moving forward felt like unless we could feel what it was like to be stuck in place or to be moving backwards?

We all have libidinal energy running through us. However, throughout our modern lives, we have developed a one-sided consciousness that has had a tendency to pay attention solely to what is visible.

This is why attention to libidinal energy is so important, it brings our attention to the invisible, to the instinctual pulses running through our lives. Looking closely at libidinal energy provides us with a way to look at how energy impacts and shapes our psyche. Jung taught that, ‘no living creature adjusts itself easily and smoothly to new conditions. The law of inertia is valid everywhere.’…

The Continuum of Illness, Disease and Disability

The law of inertia states that, an object at rest remains at rest and an object in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

When a new circumstance presents itself in opposition to a way of being or belief, this acts as the unbalanced force that propels us forward.

This cycle is always present in our lives; we are constantly being confronted with new environmental circumstances that force us to act in some way. 

Some people adapt well to this continual process of growth, others have more resistance to the process and in turn develop neuroses from the blocked libidinal energy that is trying to move forward. The energy that is not given an outlet through which to move forward creates another outlet – it feeds a neurotic behavior or complex which manifests as disease, illness or disability.

Jung states that this libidinal energy that is blocked and ‘regresses’ or splits off into neurotic behavior, is not necessarily a backward step in the development of the psyche. Instead, we are all meant to experience the forward movement of energy in our lives as well as the backwards energy.

However, there are ways in which an individual can move through these energy flows within healthy patterns. He asserts that the primary means of successful adaptation to the unfolding circumstances in our life is a flexible attitude. Jung does not specifically define a flexible attitude, but does state that an individual needs to be able to embrace multiple perspectives and remain open to new ways of thinking.

It is also necessary to understand that this energetic force that runs through us exists on a continuum. We must accept that we have to experience each end of the spectrum in order to reach a state of equilibrium.

Jung teaches that, ‘it is essential for progression, which is the successful achievement of adaptation, that impulse and counter impulse, positive and negative, should reach a state of regular interaction and mutual influence.’ In this context, we can see that awareness of ‘physical or mental illness or disease or disability’ is is simply an awareness of one side of the continuum. The ability to progress, or move forward in life, depends on one’s ability to observe that one side of the continuum has been reached and to seek out an experience on the other end of the spectrum.

It is in the space between these opposing forces that healing happens. It is also within this space that our neuroses are born. When we cling to conventional thinking this blocks our energy from moving forward; when we allow ourselves to be defined by an ‘illness, disease or disability’; it keeps us on one side of the spectrum, and can manifest as neurosis or a complex. 

It is through staying conscious of our own experience and holding the space between the opposing forces of this spectrum that we can challenge ourselves to find a different outlet in order to allow our energy to flow. When we stay present in the middle of this spectrum, simply observing both ends as possibilities, that genius is born in a ‘third way’ of being. It is this ‘third way’ that is the birth of a new way of being in our lives; it is the birth of healing and the path that can help us to rise above the old ‘black and white’ way of thinking of illness, disease and disability.

Illness, disease and disability show us ONE side of an energetic spectrum. I have always known that those people that experience the deepest depression, also have the capacity to experience emotional highs that others do not have access to. In other words, you are not given access to one end of a spectrum of energy without having access to the opposite end; it is energetic law. 

So if you have experienced debilitating pain in your physical body; you can trust that you also have the energetic capacity to experience tremendous pleasure in your physical body. 

When we allow ourselves to be present sitting at the middle of the spectrum of energy that is flowing through our libidinal life force; when we release attachment to the labels of the illness, disease or disability; we open up to a new way of experiencing life. 

We open up to our libidinal genius – the fullness of the energy moving through us and the greatest experience of life within a human body. It is not all good, it is not all bad; the labels and stories that mainstream western medicine tells about illness, disease and disability are calling to be rewritten. 

I cringe whenever I read the information ‘Mayo Clinic’ and other mainstream health media sources provides about a specific illness or disease. This is because the focus is 100% on the one end of the spectrum where the illness or disease exists. They never explore the potential on the other side of the spectrum. 

When the professionals we look up to for guidance in our health do not look at the true energetic nature of the full spectrum of all imbalanced energy; it limits our ability to vision the healing; the homeostasis that our bodies and minds are always working to align with.

Each of us is here to rewrite our own experience of what health is, of what it means to experience balance and healing energetically, mentally, emotionally and physically. This begins with being present in the middle of our own libidinal energy and witnessing how it manifests. When you can ‘see’ or ‘feel’ the illness, disease or disability this means you also have the capacity to see the energy on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Our attachment as humans is to what does not feel good, so it can take awhile to let go of our attention to the illness, disease or disability and direct our attention to the other end of the spectrum of energy that is calling to be integrated in our lives.

Holding the Tension of the Opposites

In Transpersonal Psychology this is called ‘holding the tension of the opposites’. When we can be present deeply with what is, while simultaneously holding a vision of what we want to be, there is ALWAYS a third force born; it is energetic law. This third force is the intelligent healing force that operates within all of us. It is the source of our recalibration as humans and the beginning of our new story. It may emerge as an idea, a new way of thinking, or as something that manifests in our outside world, like a new treatment or daily practice that helps us to move into a new way of living. This is healing in the New Earth; forget the ways your health has been labeled; that is the old world. Instead embrace your energetic spectrum and be present with all of it. It is here that we are reborn, it is here that we begin to live our full potential as humans together.

I identify as an Indigo Child and I have worked with Indigo Children and Indigo Adults professionally since 2007. Most, including myself, experience some form of anxiety, depression, ADHD, Bi-Polar Disorder or have experienced childhood trauma and/or trauma as an adult. For a human being bound by a 3rd dimensional perspective of reality, disease is real, symptoms of trauma are real. As Indigo Children & Adults, we understand intuitively the presence of a greater truth.

What I know as a miracle-worker, is that only love is real. We are blessed to be given gifts of suffering, for they help us in our lifelong practice on Earth to know love with greater depth. I have had Indigo Adults share with me experiences of being in a point of tremendous pain and suffering in life. At that moment, another presence emerges, a presence larger than life and radiating light and perfect knowing that all is well and will be ok. In that moment comes a transcendent forgiveness, compassion and feelings of momentary euphoria. When we share these types of transcendental experiences it helps us support one another in remembering the greater presence containing us, and supporting us in all ways.

However powerful these experiences are, they are not controllable. Momentary feelings of peace and euphoria are usually not sustainable without a plan in place to shift our daily habits and practice. We also need help moving through the day to day suffering, despair and discontent that are at the root of all disease, illness, disability and that are the result of trauma. There is a true opportunity that is presented to us when we suffer in any way ♡

It is a calling to BE a new way in the world. It is a calling to reenter the world after healing to BE the bringer of healing. Every time you are triggered by the past, everytime you experience suffering in the present, it is a reminder of the strength you have within and the importance of holding to the resoluteness of love as a centering force in your body and mind.

The symptoms we suffer collectively as part of the illness, disease, disability and trauma we share are rooted in fear and a lack of love. In this way, we are always reminded that to heal is to practice being in love with ourselves, being in love with our life and giving love.

Healing is a time of inspired action, a time of reconnecting to your lifeforce in a passionate way. It may take time, but commit to primarily being in situations that feed your lifeforce. This is needed during and after any illness, disease, disability or trauma for a period to repair, restore and rebuild your body, mind and spirit.

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