Dear Divine Mother,

I bow down before you with utmost respect and the clear awareness that you are present in me and that I am a part of you. You gave birth to me and provide me with everything I need for my nourishment.

You give me air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat,

and medicinal herbs to heal me when I am sick.

I know the love we share will last for eternity,

and because of this my spirit is eternally devoted to you.

Each time I manifest, I am fresh and new; and each time I return, you receive and embrace me with great compassion.

You are the great Earth, you are this beautiful blue planet.

You are all ways the divine feminine expresses herself on earth.

You are pure light, one with the Holy Spirit…

You are fragrant, cool, kind, and pure.

You are infinitely beautiful.

I bow in gratitude of your great capacity of receiving, taking care of, and transforming everything; including filth of all kinds, poisonous fumes, and even radioactive waste. I am grateful for all the children you have birthed; millions of species, amongst which the human species is just one.

Oh Divine Mother, you are not only a mother to us all,

but you are the mother of all Gods, Buddhas and Saints.

Even our parents are your children.

Whenever I am with you,

I dwell with you in infinite patience,

unending beauty and eternal peace.

May my mind open

to the essential truth

of our oneness.


Adapted from Thich Nhat Hanh

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