Transcendent Unity is a dimensional reality in which the boundaries between you and the others in your life fall away and you come to the deep realization that you are the other and need great compassion to love both yourself and each of the brothers and sisters that you manifest as reflections on your path. It is a virtuous state of mind, one in which you can release the ego and enter into a collective perception of reality. For those of us who are very sensitive, a day practicing transcendent unity might include waking up, getting yourself ready for the day, getting your children ready for the day, taking care of your children while they have their own agenda for the day, going to school or work and following the rules and regulations of the day, eating lunch, having conversations with peers and co-workers, traveling and preparing for dinner and bedtime. You may have to navigate lots of different needs coming from different people, or you may only need to manage the needs of a few people. The practice of transcendent unity is simply meditating throughout your day on the realization that all beings are simply energetic reflections of one another and all deserve divine treatment and compassion. Where-ever your place in life, the best place to begin to practice a consciousness of Transcendent Unity is with prayer. Beginning each day with a healing prayer is a powerful way to set your intention of creating you own personal heaven on earth as together we enter the fifth dimension, the Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius.


A Daily Healing Prayer for Transcendent Unity


Dear God,

May the gap that separates earth and heaven disappear today and may we begin to walk in the new space that is to come. May we become one with our brothers and sisters in ways that empower each of us. May we see each other and all other sentient beings on earth as divine. May we think, speak and walk in divinity. May we know only gratitude for all that is.


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