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Portal Practice

The word portal describes a magical doorway that connects two planes of existence. The portals are designed to do just that. As you enter each one, become conscious that you are preparing to access another dimension of consciousness. The portals build upon one another. Each portal is your gateway into healing.

The portals are meant to be intermixed and used as needed in your daily healing practice. Each portal will provide a system of support for you in the various cycles of your journey.

Before your enter each portal…

1. Move into a healing environment, this can be the most peaceful corner of your house, or a nook outside in nature’s embrace. Take three deep breaths and slowly, breath deep into your lower abdomen. As you exhale, notice tension leaving your body and mind.

2. Honor your altar. Altar creation is described inside the first portal. Once you have set this up, light your candle, say your prayer and honor the items in your altar as companions as you move through your healing.

Every time you enter this sacred space know you are surrounded by the loving embrace of the universe, supported in realizing your truth as already healed, whole and full of love and light.

A message from your healing guide,

“You will hear me welcoming you as a Master Being of Love and Light repeatedly throughout our healing experiences. This is an intentional part of our journey and I invite you to step into this role with me as you move through our multidimensional healing experiences. Close your eyes and image yourself as a Master Being of Love and Light, bring your attention to the light at the center of your being and simply take time to breathe in and out feeling the light expand as you bring your attention to it. Your essence is love and light, and we are here to practice the mastery of your attention to the love and light both within yourself and all others as the path to healing.

If it doesn’t come easy to you to visualize or feel that light now, you will have LOTS of practice. If you already feel the light and have a strong connection to it, our practices will only help you to get stronger and clearer in that connection. We are practicing together in all ways inside of our healing experiences as Master Beings of Love and Light. I encourage you to write down the words, “I AM a Master Being of Love and Light” and place it where you can see it and read it daily. It is both a mindset and a daily practice that is transformational when you step into it fully. No one expects perfection. This is a practice, and compassion is king. I encourage you to challenge yourself to forgive yourself at least 7 times every day. Then try again the next day. It is really fun when your practice is to step into the highest love and light available in each moment. I find it to be a challenge whose reward deepens over time.

Finally, I want to encourage you to think about your north star. Your north star is why you are doing this, it is your guiding light. It is something you effortlessly devote yourself to because you deeply desire it.

My north star is being an earnest practitioner. I fully enjoy giving myself sincerely and fully to my practice. I have been intuitively guided to create these multidimensional healing experiences over the past 14 years of practice and I LOVE each part of the practice deeply. I will work with these practices for the rest of my life, because I earnestly am dedicated to opening to Spirit and allowing it to serve my own mind, body and spirit.

I love healing, I love facilitating it, I love talking about it, I love sharing it with others, that love is my north star. It is why I am doing what I do, and the more I think about it and remind myself of it, the easier it is to effortlessly devote myself, on the days when it feels hard. My north star reminds me to stay in service and helps me to stay focused on the part of the journey that makes me the happiest.

This journey requires a commitment to alignment with and expression of your highest self. Your north star will light the way! What is your north star? What does it look like for you to be reaching towards that star every day?

Our meditation library has been designed to support you in aligning with your north star. I often use the words, ‘come into alignment with your highest self’ this is another way of embodying the essence of your north star. Your highest self is your north star fully expressed.

I am with you in spirit.

Reaching towards my north star and stepping into the light of my highest self every day!

Aimee Rebekah Shea

Your success is our success.

As you journey through your daily practices inside of the portals, if you ever have questions we are here Wednesdays & Fridays to meet with you in person. Connecting in person is priceless.

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