To be able to find peace no matter where you are is part of the journey into the fifth dimension. As we ascend together, we will enter uncertainty again and again. For it is a foundational energy of humanity. As each of our cells came from a similar genetic imprint, we share unconsciously in the energies that are being held by the masses. As uncertainty increases around you, it is likely you will feel uncertainty within.

Go Within

The Universe, God and Goddess are always certain, so when uncertainty arises, the wisest place to seek refuge is in your personal connections with the divine God and Goddess in your life.

A beautiful way to begin this practice is by creating a simple ceremony with a candle in a sacred space and asking the divine Gods and Goddesses who you connect to the most deeply to show you how to bring the peace, strength and confidence needed to move forward into your life. Then bring an image or statue of this God or Goddess into your life. Take time every day with these sacred items and follow their path, emulate their virtues. This was their purpose on earth, to teach us, so spend regular time giving thanks for their presence on this earth and in your life. Once you align your inner mind deeply with the virtuous thoughts and actions of the Gods, peace at home begins deep inside your own mind.


Uncertainty is certain because during these great shifts that the Age of Aquarius is bringing to us in the next 2,000 years we are being called to face things that we have not wanted to face. In the past, it was difficult to live in a place of uncertainty and find peace, but this is what our next level of evolution is about.

To observe discomfort without running or reaction, to choose love, and to let go of expectations, to allow the divine to enter every aspect of our lives and go where we need to go; this is what uncertainty asks of us.

Practice Mindful Meditation

Remember that true peace at home begins within. Practice mindful meditation daily. Stillness can remind you that no matter what your life looks like on the outside, you are still an eternal spiritual being, totally perfect in truth. Use meditation time to connect with your Gods or Goddesses that you have decided to walk with. Ask deep questions and then tune into every part of your human experience for the answers.

Remember We Are Ascending

We are in the process of reprogramming thousands of years of conditioning about the foundations of life on this earth and many of us are reshaping attitudes that are deeply rooted in our energy field. We are shifting our consciousness, attitudes and beliefs about our roles in relationships and our many of our internal thought processes. Discomfort is a signpost of change. We are no longer comfortable with old patterns and habits that we have created, and are being forced to embrace a new way of living.

This new way of living requires we focus on the love in everyone, starting with ourselves, in order to move with ease through this next level of transformation. If you have not been preparing, overwhelming feelings may be overcoming you. Rest assured that the process is the same no matter what stage you are at. Sit with your feelings, breathe through any discomfort, and allow your mind to become silent. Listen to the still voice that emerges from within to reassure you.

Your world is not falling apart, we are all experiencing a radical shift from who we have been into higher vibrations. We are shedding our skin, and sometimes this can be a scary and painful process. Know that only good is coming out of all the change that is occurring right now. Connecting to spirit everyday helps us to stay connected to this truth.

The Pigeon: Animal Spirit Guide for Change

The pigeon is a bird of symbolism for us as we travel through these shifting energies. Although we do not often look at pigeons as sacred animals, they too are divine energetic representations of God, here on earth to help us on our journey. Pigeons remind us of the simplicity of life and they have a very loving and grounding energy. The Pigeon calls for unconditional love for ourselves and those who are around us, regardless of what the our external environment may be showing us.

Often, life at home is thought of last in the constant swirl of activity in our lives. The pigeon reminds us to listen to our energy level at all points of our day, especially at home.

What activities drain you?  Which activities bring you joy?

Examine each and know that divine wisdom comes when you can become a silent observer to these parts of your day, and just continue to ask,

How can I allow every part of my day to bring me peace, love and joy?

As long as you are reaching for peace, love and joy, you are always in perfect alignment with divine energy, you will feel better and find it easier to deal with the changes on the horizon. 

Creating a Sacred Space

Your home is your sacred resting place. Your home, no matter where you are, is where your soul is preparing for your future and where you are sacredly serving others. Even if your home right now is temporary, if you are living in your parent\’s basement or a hotel room, it is worth the time to create your sanctuary there. So, shift your perspective and ask yourself to see the divine in every part of your home. Clear out things in your home that represent old energy and open the windows to allow clear fresh energy into the house.

Let go of EVERYTHING that does not represent your highest self or your future. There is no longer a need to hang on to collections from the past. Give things to other people who will appreciate them. Your past is the future of another. Bring organization to every corner, no matter how long it takes you. Start small and remind yourself that every part of your home energetically influences your body, mind and soul. It is energetic law that clutter or disorder in your home creates the same in your body, mind and deepest perspectives of life. As you bring your attention to your home, take this opportunity to create the time to clear away any areas that need attention, enlist people to help if it seems to overwhelming. The universe is supporting this balance, know and trust that you are energetically supported in making any changes right now.


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