Raising the energetic frequency of your inner and outer world is a necessity as we vibrate into higher and higher dimensional experiences of life.

Life in higher dimensions requires the ability to easily move from moment-to-moment between your conscious mind and your higher self.

In order for that to occur you have to be able to reflect on your present situation consciously in alignment with your highest self before acting.  For your higher self to operate in every moment of your life you need to raise your frequency so that you are aligned with the energetic flow of the divine. If too many thoughts, responsibilities or things in the physical dimension are weighing on your energy field it will keep you from flowing with effortless ease into the fifth dimension.

Raising your frequency begins with letting go.

Letting go is essential to organizing a life in service to your highest self.

Let go of those thoughts, responsibilities and things that:

1. You no longer need

2. Are stagnant

Be brutally honest about what you really need. Let go of collections and clutter first; then release any responsibilities or thoughts that have been weighing you down. It can be hard to let go when we see potential unfulfilled in a situation or person. However, the universe needs us to burn some of our responsibilities and relationships in order for new growth to occur.  Anything that has stayed in one place for too long can become stagnant. To be stagnant means not to flow, to advance or to develop. Stagnant thoughts and things require energy to maintain. This energy would be of better use if it was working in service to your Highest Self. So seek out the stagnant and make the decision to let it all go!

To live in a way that all of your energy is serving your Highest Self, you must work at keeping a steady flow of clean and clear energetic frequencies in your mind, body and environment. 

Release Beliefs Not Serving Your Highest Self

To raise your frequency, you must allow a steady flow of clean and clear energy to flow through you, the easiest place to begin this in on the inside. Rituals are ceremonies that are repeated on a schedule to bring about change through aligning with the wisdom of the divine.

Here’s a simple ritual to eradicate beliefs that are not serving your Highest Self every week:

  1. At the end of each week, prepare a letting go meditation. In this meditation, think for a moment of the most recent conflict you have been having in your mind.
  2. Ask yourself, What old belief is part of this conflict?
  3. Ask yourself, What do I need to do to alter or let go of this belief completely?
  4. Write down the old belief on a piece of paper. As you write the words, feel them leaving your body, you are giving this belief to the universe, because it is no longer working for you. Trust that the universe will take it, this belief may have contained some love and wisdom. Trust that all that you are letting go of are the parts of the old belief that are no longer serving your Highest Self.
  5. Slowly and mindfully rip the piece of paper up. As you tear it up, repeat the following mantra three times, I release you, I release you, I let you go. Put the pieces of paper in a non-flammable container and light fire to them. As you watch the flames and the smoke rising thank the universe for taking your beliefs and clearing space in your mind for your Highest Self to speak.

One of my old beliefs that was cluttering up my mind was that I thought that because my views about the world are ‘right’ in my eyes specifically in terms of not believing in discrimination of others, lying and cheating, then everyone should naturally believe these types of beliefs are ‘right’ too. However, I began to encounter people who believed the opposite of what I believed, and were not interested in changing their minds. I realized, I had to let go of the concept of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ as I had learned in the past. I saw that different people have different perceptions of reality and there is not a ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ way to think that should be cast in stone. My perception of reality is simply different from others. Letting go of that old ‘right’ ‘wrong’ belief really freed up SO much of my energy. I stopped bothering thinking about ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ and began to shift my perspective to one that understands all human beings just want to be respected for their beliefs, right or wrong. There was a energy of compassion that emerged automatically when I opened my mind to respecting differences in others as a way of life. This was a massive shift for me. This is one of the most powerful aspects of this simple ritual. You can use it over and over again for the little conflicts that emerge as you walk through life and you can use it to dig deeper when you are feeling conflict that you are ready to release 🙂

Clear Your Environment

Your inner world and your outer world are really part of the same web of energy that surrounds you.

Although it’s easiest to begin on the inside, it can be hard to clearly see what is going on in your mind when there is lots of clutter around you. I would begin where you feel you have the most to clear or let go of 🙂

How often, when faced with writing an important paper, found yourself cleaning and clearing your desk?  This process is an unconscious drive that we all have to clear away the old in order to let the new come in or to invite new ideas to flow in.

You need some order on the outside to be truly focused internally.

As you free your attention from the distractions in your surroundings, you expand your awareness and sensitivity to your Higher Self exponentially.

Take the time to create a beautiful space in your home and in your work environment to share your presence with the world. This time will be well spent. Remind yourself how you are energetically affecting every cell of your body and mind as you clear out energies that are not serving your Highest Self and bring in fresh, clean and clear energy, you will be thanking yourself on a daily basis for your housekeeping and interior design efforts 🙂

Here is a simple ritual to begin aligning any environment with your highest self:

1. Look at your physical surroundings and notice whether they reflect order, balance, and organization.  It is very important to have outside order to support your inner order.

2. Make a list of the areas that need your attention and make a plan to tackle one area each week.

3. Purge everything that is not essential to your highest self and the highest self of your family. Let go of all unnecessary items. Donate these things back to your community, where they can benefit another soul and continue to do some good.

4. Create an altar in the space that is aligned with an energetic frequency you are seeking to inhabit.

Everything in your life requires attention and energy.  Choose to give your attention and energy to clearing old, unnecessary, outdated, disorganized things in your space.  Your intuition will thank you. Your intuition is the part of you that is the most sensitive when raising your frequency and vibrating into higher dimensions.

The final step in maintaining and elevating this frequency is to practice these two rituals every week, or at least once a month. With each cleansing ritual you open your higher self up more. We will have to leave much behind as we move into higher vibrational fields of existence.  The more you can let go of now, voluntarily, the easier it will be later for you. Practice living with as little as possible. Few things and few responsibilities bring a simplicity into life that is a healing force lifting us into fifth dimensional living.

 Want to Learn More?

Read more about fifth dimension ascension and a recent article on Kuan Yin where I share my ceremonial practices and prayer. Crystalline Lightbody DNA Activations and Attunements are the most powerful way I have ever experienced raising my vibration. If you are finding it hard to let go or move on, or are experiencing conflict on any level, these treatments are transformational!

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