‘God’ and ‘Love’ are both words that describe an energy. This energy is at the center of every living organism – it is the life-force that we all have in common.

This life-force energy is ubiquitous; love is everywhere. Love is inherent in every person and exists as a state of being within the healed mind. There is no exception to this principle. Our journey as human beings since the beginning of our existence on our beloved planet Earth has been to return to a full awareness of this ubiquitous love.


The Garden of Eden existed before the separation from God. In the Garden of Eden, a state of mind existed in which nothing was needed, and love was the only truth. Adam and Eve were the first humans that God made and they lived in bliss in the Garden of Eden, which God created for them, as the story goes in the bible. Here’s a brief breakdown of the story:

Adam and Eve were happy in the Garden of Eden and wanted for nothing. In the garden, God placed many trees and placed a snake. God told Eve if they touched the tree in the middle, full of ripe succulent fruit, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they would die. However, the snake appeared and told Eve that surely she would not die, but instead she would gain God’s intelligence by eating the fruit. Both Adam and Eve ate from the tree and then immediately felt ashamed that they were not wearing clothing and covered themselves. They had taken in the knowledge of the world, and in this act, separated themselves from God. For this, God banished them from the Garden of Eden and told Eve she would suffer sorrow through childbirth, that she would be ruled by her husband and that Adam would have to sweat to earn his bread and they would both die.

The Course in Miracles teaches us that these things that God said to Adam and Eve were done from a place of love, for God is only capable of love. God knew that this would happen because he created the garden of Eden, Adam, Eve, the snake, the tree and the fruit. God knew that the only way Adam and Eve (symbols for the entire human race) would know his love would be to experience the good and evil of the world. God’s only choice, in total love for his children, was to send them out into the world to find the truth of His love again.


Another son of God comes into the story as man reawakens later in the bible, his name is Jesus Christ. He comes to realize that only God’s love is real.

We mostly know the story that Jesus was crucified unjustly and was killed. He famously said,

“My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jews. But now my kingdom is from another place.”

This story of creation can help to illustrate the human story and to remember that when we are presented with lies, suffering or attack we should focus on the love always present and remember that our kingdom too is in another place.

Imagine a dark room, total darkness. You would not say – the room is not here because I cannot see it. The same is true for the light of love. Even when darkness surrounds us, the light of love is still present – it may not be visible to the human eye in every moment, but this light is present at the center of all creation – and it is with you and me and every other person on this Earth. This light is not just outside of us, but it is inside of us as well. As we bring more and more attention to this light, as we breathe it through our bodies, it helps us to see through the dark to the love always present.

This is the work we are here to do, to remember that only love is real and to look through the light to find the love always present. 

Health is the resolute focus on love in the human body. You will always find a lack of love at the root of all illness and the presence of love at the root of all health. These perceptions are rooted deep in our unconscious mind. Through your acceptance of and conscious alignment and realignment with the truth that only love is real, miracles naturally occur.

(What about when babies are sick? Babies have the most permeable membrane physically and energetically. This means they can be affected by a ‘lack of love’ in an environment, or even in a substance that is put into their body. Think of love as an energy. The baby needs love in many different aspects of it’s environment to survive and thrive. An adult needs love deep within her mind and cellular function. For the baby, it is more of an outside job (or the job of her caretakers), for the adult, more of an inside job (or the job of herself).

Your current understanding of reality includes illusions that have been taught to you and that you have believed throughout your life. By illusion, I mean, a belief in anything other than seeing the love in yourself and every person, place or situation that you encounter. Any time you believed that love was not present, you believed an illusion. This illusion masks the love always present.

As human beings, like Adam and Eve, we are full of misperceptions, we often create our own illusions not grounded in the truth that only love is real. But that is ok, because it is about the journey! We would not be fully able to appreciate the glory of love unless we could see the illusions placed before us that reflect the opposite of love’s glory.

Jesus was really the best teacher when it comes to the power of love and healing. He says it best,

“The most important one, is this: ‘

…The Lord our God, the Lord is one. 

Love the Lord your God

with all your heart

and with all your soul

and with all your mind

and with all your strength.’

The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’

There is no commandment greater than these.”

(*An interesting note: I am editing this article in 2020 while I am also going through a priestess training. I learned that many of the words used in the bible were codes. So here for example, when Jesus says:

“The Lord our God, the Lord is one”, this repetition of the word ‘Lord’ is a code, together with ‘God’ in the middle in a pattern of three. This pattern is one that repeats. Repeating patterns of words are codes, and they are intentional and present to direct our attention. This specific coded word pattern helps to paint a picture of man and light as one. The word ‘Lord’ is a code for Jesus. We also know from Jesus, that when we align with his light, he comes alive in us. So when you are in your Christ mind, you can step into a greater power. I like to replace ‘Lord’ with the word I AM, that is a better translation, and the word ‘God’ is a code for an energy that manifests in many forms. Primarily as light, ‘God’ is described as a sevenfold spirit. The word ‘God’ is embodied as light in at least 12 other patterns of 7 in the Bible. So, read that quote above over, but put the words I AM in for ‘Lord’ and Light in for ‘God’. IT IS POWERFUL! There are patterns that can be read in between the words! I will be writing more on this topic later this year :))

and my favorite quote of all time,

“Forgive them, for they know not what they are doing.”

As Jesus was being killed, he asked for his killers to be forgiven. Then he ascended into the kingdom of heaven where he reigned king for ever and ever. How could a mortal man be king of heaven? Well, he actually rose up out of his body, in an activated form of his lightbody! He is really for me the ultimate teacher of the power of love.

So… to live like only love is real – keep your focus on the light within yourself and within all others, practice radical forgiveness and from this place, you will rise up. You will assist in the activation of your lightbody. You will nurture your ability to see and feel the love always present!


When we clear our mind of any ways that we have understood things in the past, it can help to realign with the truth the only love is real. Try to keep an open mind as you practice this thought, it is best to begin with a mind unhampered by past beliefs and perspectives.

The practice is for an entire day to apply this idea to whatever your eyes rest upon. Remember this idea also applies to your past, so anything related to your past, think:

I have given this thought, belief or event all the meaning it has for me.

I regularly misperceive my world.

In truth only love is real.

Some things you think, see or hear may have emotionally charged meanings, try to lay these aside and refocus on the principle. Emotional charges are residual energy from your past, feel them and let them go. Everything you look at has a perspective that radiates out into infinity. When you choose to only focus on one aspect in this moment of a person, place or thing, you are not allowing the possibility of expansion into the infinite glory of love.

Seek to let go of all of your past perspectives of your reality. I love this mantra, ‘Fresh new thoughts, give me a fresh new experience’.

Look for the love present in each moment. In this way you allow the world around you to unfold in divine harmony and you make space in your life for miracles.


I choose to look for the love present in every moment.

This practice was adapted from A Course in Miracles.


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