The world that we have been born into has taught us about death as the central illusion of our existence. We believe that what we see is the true reality, we believe that we are born, age, lose vitality and eventually die. We fear all things that lead to death, specifically illness and disease. However fear cannot exist in love’s presence, neither can death. In God’s world there is no death, only eternal life. In death we perceive God as the destroyer, not the Creator, which is his only and true role.

In miracle work, there is no death, only the possibility of eternal life. What seems to die has been misperceived and made into an illusionary world by humans. Do not allow yourself to believe in the reality of changing form as the world has taught you. Instead, reside in the truth that only love and eternal life are real, all other through forms stem from the ego and are only an illusion.

In order to create a state of mind in which miracles happen, it is necessary to let go of your perception of the world as you see it.

As you close your eyes to the world, you open your heart to the truth of miracles.

Only love and eternal life are real and true, all other perceptions of reality are but illusions.

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