To prepare yourself to begin miracle work, it is necessary to reverse the way you think about the world. The most important principle of miracle work is the understanding that your thoughts determine the world you see. The key to forgiveness lies in your understanding that your thoughts have created all the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ that you perceive in yourself and in your brothers and sisters.

Miracles require a complete letting go of all past thoughts rooted in judgement as we know it from what we have been taught in the world. All judgement stems from the ego, and the judgement of the ego is a barrier to the miracle. Shifting your focus from an egoic perception of the world to a perception of the world rooted in love requires letting go of all past thoughts, perceptions and judgements.

It also requires that you imagine yourself as the light that has birthed all creation. Now, look down upon Earth with love for each of us, those that are the killers and those that are the healers, the victims and the heros, the pedophiles and those that abuse others. In each of us, God sees the love and light that is our essence. To begin to shift your focus from ego to God allow your mind to embrace this truth:

When we begin to operate from this perspective, there are no others that are ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. Instead, all of life begins to show itself as merely a reflection of the light of God’s love that we are able to perceive within our own consciousness. Surrendering to this perspective allows us to release all that is not light and to move into deep union with the light of the present moment, the place where miracles happen. 

In this place love and light live together in eternal harmony, we are just participants in the flow. Miracles are made in light, and light and strength are one.

Affirmation for the Day:

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