Our relationship with others is a reflection of our relationship with the divine. As miracle workers, we know that the core of our practice is forgiveness and focusing on the light. I created an outline from beginning to end for myself to move through any relationship issue with a miracle mindset. It has created ease, grace and brevity of my emotions because I have a next step to always move onto 🙂 I have been practicing alot lately, and it has only helped me move into a deeper mastery of a miracle mindset 🙂 It has been transformational for me; I hope it inspires you to begin your own relationship transformation!

I. Define clearly what it is that I desire.

II. Make a decision to take specific and consistent action to support that desire.

III. Practice the specific action daily with love.

IV. Celebrate along the way.

V. Practice faith in miracles.

VI. Speak and act with clear, simple, loving intentions.

VII. Be mindful of the cycles of giving and receiving.

VIII. Remember self improvement is not a perfect process.

IX. Negative judgement always slows the process; focus on the positive.

X. Problem solving is an art best practiced with a light heart and mind.

XI. Be aware that the other person is always a strong balancing force.

XII. If I am feeling superior, I am not honoring the other person.

XIII. If I am feeling inferior, I am not honoring myself.

XIV. Find joy in creating and share it, this will feed all relationships.

XV. Repeat.

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