Just like when you go to the gym to work out your body, the daily time that you clear and balance your energy field you will harmonize your physical, mental and emotional bodies clearing out all disease and will strengthen your mental and spiritual ‘immune system’.

Plan Daily Time

The most effective time to listen to practice chakra healing is when you are in a quiet place where you will be undisturbed. It is easiest to find this time upon waking or at bedtime. I suggest listening to the meditations with headphones, this allows for a deeper hypnotic experience. Do not listen to the meditations while you are driving, it brings you into a deep state of consciousness, and it is not safe to move into this space while you are operating any kind of machinery.

Create An Altar

It is more effective to listen to these guided meditations in a healing space. Where-ever you are, clear out the space first. Get rid of all clutter. Clear away all dust and debris. Find the most sacred corner of the room and create an altar. You can create an altar for any purpose. To read about recommendations for how to create an altar, follow these links:

Listen on any device…

Clear Your Mind. Your greatest obstacle to living in total love, harmony, peace and bliss every single second of every single day is your mind. Chakra Healing practices seek for you to release your mind. You want your full attention to be placed on relaxing your mind and body, releasing all mental chatter and soaking up the healing within this experience. However, thoughts will arise while you are listening. Just allow your thoughts to come up, know that this is natural, just return your focus to the guide on your journey.

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

Make sure it fits into your routine. Planning for any major change in life is always a necessary step for success. If we simply decide to change, but have no plan of how we will do it, often we wind up back at the drawing board, or experience ourselves going around in circles. Find a realistic time to practice daily. This may mean saying no to other people or situations that require your time. It may mean giving up something in your schedule. Know that this practice in focusing on YOU is the key to your healing process. Make time for yourself, and the healing you desire will have room to step in.

Extensive Demographic Studies

Purify and Detoxify your body and mind Align your consumption of everything inside your life with the highest frequency that you connect with as you move through this guided meditation program. Let go of animal products unless they vibrate with your highest self, and all processed products. Eat as close to the earth as you can and honor her with every step you take, remember, your light is her light, and as you honor and love her, you honor and love yourself. Fast from negative media, people and environments as much as possible. 

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