The Inner Child Healing Experience is part of a progressive healing process that we have designed.

Before you complete this healing experience, you are highly encouraged to spend a full 7 days practicing BOTH the Chakra Healing Guided Meditation & Creative Visualization and the Violet Flame Healing Experiences.

Chakra Healing Guided Meditation & Creative VisualizationViolet Flame Healing Experiences


Healing your Inner Child is an experience you can return to over and over again as you move forward in time. Our relationship to our Inner Child changes, with each child that we have, as our children grow up, as our relationship with our parents’ changes, and as we move through an awakening of our highest self.

This Inner Child Healing Journey has two parts; the first is an Age Regression, the second is a Cord Cutting.

Age Regression is a type of waking dream that is a hypnotic process. It is therapeutic and designed to help allow whatever emotions and energy needs to release connected to your past and the child that is alive within you in each moment.

A Cord Cutting is an energetic process in which we remove low vibrational attachments. Whenever a person forms a fear-based attachment to you (such as being afraid that you will leave them or hurt them or believing that you are their source of support, security or happiness, or believing that you hold power over them. Or if a person supports you and has fear about the support they provide to you) they form a cord of energy that is connected to you. The cords are energetic and dynamic, so they will grow back over time if the same circumstances are present, so you will need to repeat this process on a regular basis.  Cords can also grow out from you if you allow yourself to form fear-based attachments. Cords can grow from the bottom of your feet when you are attached to a place or object. If you are having trouble releasing fear-based attachments, either as these fears showing up internally or showing up through other people, it is a great idea to practice cord-cutting nightly. (Although I recommend the Violet Flame Cord Cutting for that)


The Healing Experience

STEP I: READ & LISTEN TO INTRODUCTION – Listen to the introduction to the healing experience and our spiritual guides.

STEP II: HEAL: Take time after the full healing experience to record your experience including your feelings and intuitive awareness in your healing journal. Be inspired to use color or shapes to describe your experience. Have some art supplies set up for yourself after the attunement, and allow yourself time to playfully express yourself through the creation of a small piece of art that represents your experience.

A Message From Your Healing Guide

Aimee Rebekah Shea

Hello Master Beings of Love and Light!

There is a beautiful quote by Thich Nhat Hahn that embodies the purpose of our time in this inner child healing. He says:

When we cry from deep in our hearts, it comes from the wounded child within.

Healing our inner child transforms our experience of life.

So think about those things in your current life situation, that hurt you the most, the situations that make you cry from deep in your heart. This hurt always stems from your inner child. It may not have been a conscious experience, and you may have no memory of pain from your childhood. In this healing experience, you do not need to have a memory, you only need to surrender to the light. As you bring healing to your inner child you release energy, you feel lighter, more free, and in deeper alignment with your essential nature.

The most important realization I have had from my work with my Inner Child, is that my Inner Child is not a memory from the past, it is a presence I inhabit in the present moment. Our Inner Child is always seeking care and love and as we grow into adults, we often do not treat each other with the same care that we treat our children. This means we have to work more as adults to nurture our Inner Child.

So, returning to my Inner Child reminds me that it is MY JOB to nurture the child within me at all times. When  I am feeling low, it is often because I am neglecting to mother myself, and the child within me that has needs that cannot be ignored. When I honor all of those needs, both physical and emotional, then I am better able to show up as my highest self and step into my essential nature as a Master Being of Love and Light.

It is all connected!

Often the effects of this level of energy healing and hypnosis work unfolds over the days and weeks and often months to come. Even if you remember and feel nothing – there is value there.

There is also deep significance when you encounter an experience that feels like a black void, where you feel or see nothing. I feel as though I need to dedicate an entire article to discussing the black void of energy that we encounter in healing. For now, just practice being the witness, and trust that there is value in every experience you have. 

I am with you in Spirit!




Multidimensional Healing Experiences


Meditation Mindset

When we enter into this space together, we commit to the practice of mastery. Mastery requires your full attention, and an open mind. Allow yourself to get inspired by the healing. Imagine all of the ways you can change your life and those around you through practice in the mastery of holistic healing modalities!

Our multidimensional healing experiences are not designed to be done once. Instead, you want to think of every healing experience like an exercise. You will find that there is so much depth in each of our healing experiences that you can practice weekly for the rest of your life and just begin to gain true mastery. Think of this library like a toolbox. Take from it what serves your highest self and leave the rest. We are training together in the practice of becoming Master Beings of Love and Light. These multidimensional healing experiences are designed for us to train together as masters.

A misconception of mastery is that you have to be perfect in your practice to be a master. Mastery requires your full presence in this moment; not perfection. Trust that what you need to heal and ascend will always make itself clear to you. This space has been created to inspire you and to serve the unfolding of your highest self. It is our intention that you awaken your own genius and mastery in this space with us.

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