Consciousness of Gaia


The Consciousness of Gaia Healing Experience is part of a progressive healing process that we have designed.

Before you complete this healing experience, you are highly encouraged to spend a full 7 days practicing the BOTH the Chakra Healing Guided Meditation & Creative Visualization and Violet Flame Healing Experiences.

Chakra Healing Guided Meditation & Creative VisualizationViolet Flame Healing Experiences


In this guided Neo-Shamanic Journey, you will meet the Spirit of Gaia and your Guardian Angel.

You will receive messages from elemental earth energies.  You will merge with the frequencies of transcendent love and light and bring them into your own body in order to assist humanity in it’s ascension into the Golden Age of Aquarius. We begin a very conscious process of embodying the light beginning with our connection to the light of Gaia.

The Healing Experience

STEP I: READ & LISTEN TO INTRODUCTION – Listen to the introduction to the healing experience and our spiritual guides.

STEP II: HEAL: Take time after the full healing experience to record your experience including your feelings and intuitive awareness in your healing journal. Be inspired to use color or shapes to describe your experience. Have some art supplies set up for yourself after the attunement, and allow yourself time to playfully express yourself through the creation of a small piece of art that represents your experience.

A Message From Your Healing Guide

Aimee Rebekah Shea

Greetings, Master Beings of Love and Light!

Gaia is a word that describes both the psyche and the soul of Mother Earth. Gaia is also one with the Crystalline Grid – the electromagnetic grid of energy that surrounds us at all times.

As you connect with her consciousness over and over again, you align with the frequency of her crystalline core. 

I personally find that after I have worked with the Consciousness of Gaia in meditation, that I find myself with an increasing sensitivity to the energetic currently running through Mother Earth.

I find that when I return to my connection with Gaia in meditation, over time my experiences always deepens. 

In this healing experience, we specifically open to receive messages from the Spirit of wind, fire, earth and ether. 

I am with you in spirit, opening to the light and wisdom of Gaia each day.




Multidimensional Healing Experiences


Meditation Mindset

When we enter into this space together, we commit to the practice of mastery. Mastery requires your full attention, and an open mind. Allow yourself to get inspired by the healing. Imagine all of the ways you can change your life and those around you through practice in the mastery of holistic healing modalities!

Our multidimensional healing experiences are not designed to be done once. Instead, you want to think of every healing experience like an exercise. You will find that there is so much depth in each of our healing experiences that you can practice weekly for the rest of your life and just begin to gain true mastery. Think of this library like a toolbox. Take from it what serves your highest self and leave the rest. We are training together in the practice of becoming Master Beings of Love and Light. These multidimensional healing experiences are designed for us to train together as masters.

A misconception of mastery is that you have to be perfect in your practice to be a master. Mastery requires your full presence in this moment; not perfection. Trust that what you need to heal and ascend will always make itself clear to you. This space has been created to inspire you and to serve the unfolding of your highest self. It is our intention that you awaken your own genius and mastery in this space with us.

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