The Anahata & the Fourth Ray Activation & Attunement is the fourth in a 15 part Chakra Activation & Attunement process.


Before you complete this attunement, you are highly encouraged to spend a full 7 days practicing the Manipura & the Third Ray Activation & Attunement.

Manipura & the Third Ray Activation & Attunement


In this portal, you are introduced to your Anahata; the heart chakra, the fourth ray of light and divine guides Archangel Jophiel, Serapis Bey and Goddess Lakshmi. During the deeply healing attunement to the fourth ray and activation of your Anahata this week, you will open and cleanse your heart center, release anger, heartache and pain and allow forgiveness and healing to flood your body.

In this deeply healing experience you merge with your Guardian Angel and Master Guide and from a deep remembrance of your essential nature as a Master Being of Love and Light, you become one with your divine nature, remember your greatness, deepest passions and desires.


Prepare for your attunement:

STEP I. Complete Muladhara & Ruby Ray Activation and Attunement, Svadhisthana & Second Ray Activation & Attunement and Manipura & Third Ray Activation & Attunement. Give yourself a full week to work with each chakra center & align with each Ray. Do this before you start your work with your Anahata.

STEP II. Go grocery shopping to prepare for the food you will eat during your attunement this week. Plan to purchase more foods that are aligned with the light of your Anahata center including watermelon, kiwi, limes, green peppers & all leafy vegetables like lettuce, spinach and bok choy. Purchase extra water and prepare tea in advance; Green Tea, Ginkgo & Rose are three excellent teas to support the light of your Anahata center.

STEP III. Create a sacred altar in the space that you will experience the attunement of your Anahata center. On this altar place the images or statues of any spiritual guides you would like to call upon during this process. During this sacred attunement, we work with the spirit of Archangel Jophiel, Serapis Bey and Goddess Lakshmi. Bring any crystals or other sacred objects to your altar that are in alignment with your Anahata center. Add a vase of flowers or a bowl of water to your altar before you begin your attunement.

The Healing Experience

STEP I: READ & LISTEN TO INTRODUCTION – Read Chapter 24 in Chakra Healing for Transcendent Health. Listen to the introduction to the healing experiences and our spiritual guides.

STEP II: HEAL: Take time after the full healing experience to record your experience including your feelings and intuitive awareness in your healing journal. Be inspired to use color or shapes to describe your experience. Have some art supplies set up for yourself after the attunement, and allow yourself time to playfully express yourself through the creation of a small piece of art that represents your experience.

STEP III: LEARN: There is a Anahata Workshop that is virtual happening and you can plan to attend for free! A workshop is an even more hands-on opportunity for working with your breath and light at your chakra centers. Learn more about this workshop and register with code INDIGOMEDITATION.

A Message From Your Healing Guide

Aimee Rebekah Shea

Hello Master Being of Love & Light!

Anahata is a Sanskrit word that literally translates into ‘unstruck’. When your Anahata is unstruck by life’s heartaches, when it is pure and in love with the glory of the holy spirit, it is in it’s highest vibration.

For me, life is a process of getting ‘unstuck’. It’s not like you get ‘unstuck’ once and stay there. I find myself getting ‘stuck’ by fear on a regular basis still. I get ‘unstuck’ as I realign my perspective to focus on the love that is present. This central practice helps to keep my heart center open. However, I think of my body and mind like my home. No matter how much care and attention I pour into any one room, as long as there are people coming in and out, a mess is inevitable, and sometimes actual structural damage (especially if you live in an old house).

Therefore, I cannot rely on my own actions to get unstuck. I have to surrender to spirit through the light, through my breath and through the fourth ray in this deeply healing activation & attunement experience we move through this week.

Set your intention to work with aligning with the light of your Anahata all week.

Take time to prepare for your Anahata Activation & Attunement this week. As you prepare and eat your food, really allow yourself to connect to the rays of light that are feeding the cells of your body.

Bring out your clothes, jewelry, and accessories that are pink and green and wear them all week. Pull out the pink or green blanket, lamp, or candle from the closet and feel yourself enveloped by the frequencies of these colors this week. Create an Anahata altar this week, place your favorite crystals aligned with your Anahata, fresh flowers or a bowl of water and any sacred objects that help you to connect to and feel an opening within your heart chakra.

The fourth ray leads us through a vibrational healing. It helps us to see harmony through conflict. The fourth ray is unique in that the colors of the ray (emerald green) is also the color frequency of this chakra center!

The fourth ray is seen as both emerald green and white and radiating through the heart and root chakras. It emanates the peace of God. It brings the qualities of purity, resurrection & joy. 

The fourth ray is at the center of creation, it is where we embrace conflict and resistance as pathways to trust and surrender. Through the fourth ray we create life and root our highest selves in the light.

This is an energetic experience first. Every time you active and attune your Anahata with the light of the fourth ray, you feel a greater strength and connection to the light in this center. Remember, your chakras are like muscles, and they have muscle memory! The more you work with the light and breath it through your chakra centers, the stronger the muscles at each center will become. Your weakest center will always require more time and patience. All the work you do with each individual chakra feeds all other chakras.

I am with you in spirit this week, focusing on opening to the light of the fourth ray and allowing myself to FEEL the radiance within my Anahata.




Multidimensional Healing Experiences


Meditation Mindset

When we enter into this space together, we commit to the practice of mastery. Mastery requires your full attention, and an open mind. Allow yourself to get inspired by the healing. Imagine all of the ways you can change your life and those around you through practice in the mastery of holistic healing modalities!

Our multidimensional healing experiences are not designed to be done once. Instead, you want to think of every healing experience like an exercise. You will find that there is so much depth in each of our healing experiences that you can practice weekly for the rest of your life and just begin to gain true mastery. Think of this library like a toolbox. Take from it what serves your highest self and leave the rest. We are training together in the practice of becoming Master Beings of Love and Light. These multidimensional healing experiences are designed for us to train together as masters.

A misconception of mastery is that you have to be perfect in your practice to be a master. Mastery requires your full presence in this moment; not perfection. Trust that what you need to heal and ascend will always make itself clear to you. This space has been created to inspire you and to serve the unfolding of your highest self. It is our intention that you awaken your own genius and mastery in this space with us.

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