Rise into the light...


The multidimensional healing experiences in this library have been intuitively cultivated to support your healing process. We have also created an in depth preparation process to help you prepare to begin a daily practice.


The more we connect to high vibrational frequencies of light, the more attention we need to bring to our physical bodies and daily habits so that we can ground this energy fully into our bodies, minds and energy fields.


Our preparation portal provides you with the tools you need to integrate the energy of the healing!


Preparation Process

Chakra Healing Guided Meditation & Creative Visualization

Muladhara & Ruby Ray Activation & Attunement

Svadhisthana & Second Ray Activation & Attunement

Manipura & Third Ray Activation & Attunement

Anahata & Fourth Ray Activation & Attunement

Vishuddha & Fifth Ray Activation & Attunement

Ajna & Sixth Ray Activation & Attunement

Sahasrara & Seventh Ray Activation & Attunement

Inner Child Healing Journey

Consciousness of Gaia Neo-Shamanic Journey

Miracle Manifestation Healing Experience

Past Life Regression

Tantric Chamber of Light Multidimensional Healing Experience

Akashic Records of Light Multidimensional Healing Experience

Violet Flame Cord Cutting Healing Experience

Angelic Soul Therapy

Master Spiritual Guide Healing Journey

Etheric Body Healing Experience

Emotional Body Healing Experience

Mental Body Healing Experience



Experience Transcendent health

Satisfaction Guarantee

This is our life’s work and we have poured our heart and soul into it. We guarantee you will love your experience. If not, click the purple button in the right-hand corner of this screen and we will help you.

24/7 Portal Access

In our healing portals, you receive eternal 24/7 access to stream & download all MP3s and resources. This includes all updates forever!

Works on All Your Devices

Stream our healing experiences or download them to your phone, mobile device or computer. You can download multiple times on multiple devices so you have backup meditations wherever you are!

Heart-Centered Support

We are here to serve with love. You can ask a simple question by clicking on the purple button in the right-hand corner of this screen. You can also schedule a video call at any time if you have deeper questions about your healing!

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