When moving forward on a spiritual path, we learn that desire is the root of suffering. It is because we have a hard time loving and appreciating exactly what we have that we are drawn to desire more. Some desires can be viewed as the root of suffering: wanting the next best phone, car or outfit. But, not all desire fits into this negative type of wanting. For example, I grew up around the most inspirational Portuguese immigrants who showed me the power of desire; the desire for a better life, a beautiful home and garden, a happy future and financial freedom.

From this place, the root of desire is not in conflict with our spiritual selves. Desire is a drive that we have been born with, and when we are in alignment with our highest selves, desire is fuel for creation in a way that brings us joy.

It is beneficial to take a deeper look at the roots of desire. Desire that appears again and again are the energetic threads that are creating your life. Examine the wants in your life that continue to reappear, these are your deepest desires.

  • Do you deeply desire a beautiful home to live in, a partner who is faithful and true to you?
  • Do you deeply desire a fulfilling job or a body that is healthy and full of energy?

The feelings that continue to surface through your life again and again no matter where you are, are the deep desires that your soul has, and are part of your soul’s path. However, whenever we desire something greatly, the universe always has a way of showing us exactly what it is like not to have these things so that we can begin to take the practical steps we need to take to begin to manifest our desires. This is why often people find themselves wanting something that is the opposite of their life circumstances. If you can think of an area in your life that you experience the deepest wanting, you are likely to have experienced deep lack as well. These opposite energies are divinely placed in our lives to help us see the essence of creation. If you ignore your desires, they will keep resurfacing until you learn how to work with them. If you indulge every desire, you will find yourself out of balance. Manifesting your desires is the practice of listening to your desires and then taking consistent mental and physical action to  make them become a reality.

Manifesting Your Desires from your Highest-Self

To help understand how to manifest your desires from your highest self, think a moment about the story of creation as told in the bible. In the beginning God placed Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, the perfect place in all ways, where they never wanted for anything. But in this garden God also placed a tree of the knowledge of life. He told them not to eat from the tree, as it would cause them to die. When Eve was tricked by the serpent in the garden who told her that the tree would not cause her harm, but would give her the great knowledge that God had, Eve ate the fruit from the tree of life and shared it with Adam. Immediately after this happened  God told them they must leave the garden to go and experience life, with all of it’s pain and suffering. The simplistic Christian interpretation of this parable was that Eve and Adam sinned against God and were punished. However, when we realize that God created Adam, Eve, the serpent and the tree, as well as the drives and desires that led Eve to eat from the tree, we can see that instead of God punishing Adam and Eve by sending them out into the world, he was really acting as a reflection of all that is.

Eve chose the fruit with her egoic mind, for her God-Self would have aligned with God’s truthful warning. However, to know God as all knowing, she had to make that choice in order for all of humanity to realize the truth of God’s love. God provides everything we need and there is nothing that we can bring into our bodies that will be more satisfying than God’s transcendent love.

Eve’s temptation was too great to deny what she wanted, but in order to have what she wanted she would have to learn the rules that go along with having all that you want and desire. Eve is the symbol for the innocence in all of us. She ignored the warning from God and believed the voice of her ego (the serpent) who told her anything to get her to satisfy her physical desires .

The purpose of revisiting this story is to remember that we all have a garden of eden that we have the potential to live in. However, we have a path in life that we choose. We only need to choose to listen to our highest voice, the voice of our God-self in every decision we make in life.

There is an energetic effect of every decision we make, the decisions that align us with our God-selves bring us into deeper alignment with the universal source of love and light in our lives, the decisions that are aligned with ego bring us into deeper alignment with the ego operating in life. Your ego is an important part of your journey, it is the essence of who you are in physical form. Your ego is a beautiful tool to help you to share your love to the world when it is in service to God.

Choose every day to be guided by your God-Self and willingly participate in realigning any effects of your previous actions that were out of alignment with the universal source of love and light.

How do you know if you are following the voice of your God-Self or if you are following your egoic voice?

  • Your God-Self always feels and sounds like love.
  • Your God-Self speaks of forgiveness and trust.
  • It considers all people as equals and deserving the same love and respect, you God-Self does not favor one person over another.
  • It never attacks and offers transcendent love and compassion.
  • Your God-Self offers hope and never discourages you.


The Ideal Mindset for Manifesting Your Desires

You and everyone on this planet has come from a source (whatever you believe it to be) of love and well-being.  When you are matched up to that energy of love and well-being, then you access the power of that source – that is the power to manifest anything in your life, relationship, career and within your own body, you access the power to attract wealth and abundance, divine guidance, and the circumstances that support these desires.  The term synchronicity, coined by Carl Jung and often referenced in the writings and teachings of Deepak Chopra describes ‘meaningful coincidences’ that occur when you are in alignment with this field of love and well-being. Synchronicities are at the center of manifestation. When you are aligned with all that is good in your life, more good comes and synchronicities are the physical happenings that show it all fall into place.To align with all that is good in your life, take the following steps 🙂

Step 1: Start by feeling good now – wherever you are at. No matter how hard it might be for you to feel good while you are in the middle of your stressful day, working with people who you don’t feel bring out the best in you, just trying to make ends meet, or suffering from physical or mental illness, know you can choose to feel good NOW!  It is a universally proven law that when you find it in you to look at the situation you are in right now with positively, no matter what, you hold the key to success in your future; any state of health, wealth or anything else you desire.

Step 2: You are the creator of your own reality. You create your reality even when you don’t realize it, many of us create by default, by focusing on our lack of money, we continue to encounter situations that add to our lack.  Ask for what it is you want, through your attention, desire and thoughts, only think about what you want, not what it is you don’t have. The only reason you are not living your ideal life this very second is because you are not feeling good now about what you are doing.  So what you need to do is very slowly, step by step change your thoughts so that you are feeling good about what you are doing right now. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Step 3: Release desires that are not serving your highest self. Every time you feel a strong desire come up for something that is repetitive, simply start breathing deeply and ask yourself, how is this desire serving me?

An example is my recent sugar addiction. After I noticed I was unconsciously reaching for high sugar drinks and foods day after day, I began to ask myself over and over, ‘how are you serving me?’, while the drink or food was in my hand. I heard clearly.. ‘because you need more sweetness in your life”. I immediately knew this was true, my mind and environment were full of harsh thoughts and words and I was seeking something outside of myself to ‘sweeten’ my outlook. After this realization, I began focusing on all the other healthy ways I could bring sweetness into my day without tons of sugar. I starting listening to my favorite relaxing and inspirational music, I took lots of long showers, I spent more time in the morning making myself beautiful, I started practicing positive affirmations about my body while I was running… and I decided to stop all drinks with sugar. I also had to let go of thinking all harsh thoughts and separate myself from all that were practicing harsh words and actions. Releasing all that is no longer necessary is an essential step in shifting our behavior from acting on unconscious wants to beginning to manifest desires consciously.

Step 4: Connect with what you desire most NOW! You can practice manifesting big desires in your life in the present moment. One of my repetitive desires is lots of travel. When I ask myself, how is this serving me? I hear, ‘It is helping you to release old patterns and begin to reprogram your mind and body with high vibrational earth frequencies.’ Part of my plan to manifest more travel in my life is to spend time meditating on each place I am drawn to travel to. In the meditation I ask each place the question, how are you serving me? and using a sacred object that I selected that is representative of that place, I ask to be connected to the place in time space reality and start the healing that is to take place immediately. I also take a small piece of paper and write down two or three things I feel as thought I need to release in order to make my trip in alignment with my highest self. I say a silent prayer and then burn the paper in the flame of a candle, signifying my commitment to release these thoughts or actions from my life.

Step 5: Bring it into your physical life. The best way to develop a mindset aligned with love and positivity is to surround yourself with reminders. Write down some of the steps from this article that speak the most to you and paste them on your mirror in the bathroom or put them somewhere else that you look everyday. Deepak Chopra has written a book on the mindset for manifesting your desires. There are seven habits that he outlines are essential for manifesting your desires, these are excellent guidelines to spend more time thinking about. Choose one that you feel you can focus more time on in your life and write it down now! The more you immerse your mind in these truths, the easier manifestation will come to you, for dreams bloom quickly in a fertile and spacious mind sown with love, peace, equanimity and joyful expression 🙂 These seven principles are the foundation for this mind:

-See the universe as an extension of yourself
-Evolve through the mirror of relationship
-Understand that intention has infinite organizing power
-Free yourself from emotional turbulence
-Harness the masculine and the feminine in your own being
-Never ignore a coincidence
-Always stay grounded and centered in yourself

These principles are meant to be practiced over a lifetime. However, there is no better feeling than aligning with your God-Self and acting from that place every minute of every day. Striving to be in that place bears an eternal reward.

Divine Alchemy: From Desire to Reality

Alchemy is the sacred communion of two forces that result in a third.  The sacred process of alchemy has evolved over the ages from the construction of the stone formations at Stone Henge to the pyramids of Giza in Egypt to the creation of Gold, the process of alchemy has undisputedly served the test of time. As we transition into our new roles on the physical, mental and spiritual planes, it is more important than ever that we come together to support one another and learn practical alchemical practices to help us follow the path of our souls. This alchemical recipe for manifesting your desires takes your desires and combines them with intentional action to manifest the physical, mental or emotional states, people, things or places that you desire.

The alchemical recipe for manifesting your desires:

Step 1: Own It!  Name what it is you want. Write down your three deepest personal desires, your three deepest materialistic desires and your three deepest professional desires.

Step 2: Decide exactly what you intend to give in return for what you desire.

Step 3: Establish a definite date in which you intend to manifest your desires.

Step 4: Create a definite plan outlining how you will give for what you desire and begin at once to put this plan into action.

Step 5: Write out a clear, concise statement of each desire (9 total if you identified 3 personal, 3 material and 3 professional) that intend to acquire, name the time limit for it’s acquisition, state what you intend to give in return and describe clearly the plan you will take.

Step 6: Read each written statement aloud, twice daily, once before going to bed, and once when arising in the morning.  As you read, see, feel and believe yourself already having what it is you desire.

Step 7: Be honest with yourself.  What thoughts, words or actions do you have that support your success?  What thoughts, words or actions inhibit your success?

Step 8: Patience & practice makes perfect. Think of manifestation like basketball, it is a skill that you need to practice in order to excel. If you tried shooting the ball in the hoop and missed the first few times, you wouldn’t give up learning would you? No, you would keep practicing your shooting skills until you could get the basketball in the hoop consistently.  Manifestation is the same, make your plan, follow it with your Highest-Self leading the way, then have total patience in the outcome. Sometimes what you are manifesting shows up in a different package and you didn’t realize it. However, with patience you will learn that all problems resolve themselves and everything that you truly want deep down, you will receive.

Step 9: Belief. The greatest secret of the master manifestors is belief  You must unequivocally believe that what you desire will come to you in order to truly master the skill of manifestation. The most effective way to do this is to create a small I Believe Journal. In this I Believe Journal, place pictures of you with each of your desires manifested. After you create the journal, flip through the pages and imagine what it will feel like to have all the desires present in your life. Open it daily and write down your goals repeatedly in it. While you are writing, envision yourself with that desire already manifest. Allow yourself to feel how good it feels to have what you desire.

ARTICLE UPDATE: If you made it this far and it is 2019, CONGRATULATIONS! I recently recorded 2 meditations that I will share below that lead you into a light hypnotic state in which you visualize your desires from your highest self!! They are perfect meditations for manifestation!






Once you examine your desires, operate from your highest self, align your mind and follow the practical steps outlined here, you will be on your way to manifesting all that is in alignment with your greatest good. Remember, you have all of the power within you. There is no dream too big and the biggest dreams are the most satisfying in the end because they always require us to release lots and lots of thoughts, beliefs and ways of being that are no longer serving us, and to inhabit new ways of being. Be persistent and have fun with the entire process, think of it as a game that you have been given to play. You can have fun along the way and then it begins to matter less and less whether you ‘obtain’ your goals and becomes more about the journey of letting go and embracing your highest self and all the other good stuff that happens on the way ❤

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