To judge anything is to substitute an illusion for the truth that only love is real. Judgement creates separation from the truth that we are all God’s children, perfect in every way. God sees every single person alive as one. We are all one because we are the same. Nothing can come between what God has brought together, and God has brought all of humanity together.

Love is the medicine to judgement. Fear is the seed of judgement, it can only appear where love is not. Therefore the easiest way to eradicate judgement and fear in your life is to live only in love. The easiest way to recognize fear or judgement is through the awareness that fear and judgement lives only in the past … as soon as you decide to live from a place where only love is real. When you mistakenly perceive fear or judge another, with immediate awareness you can forgive yourself and return to thinking only thoughts of love.

When we seek to live looking through God\’s eyes, we practice transcendent forgiveness and see each moment as a fresh new opportunity for life, love joy and fulfillment.  Each moment is new, and we are all completely forgiven over and over and over again…every day for the entire course of our lives.

Daily Practice

The practice today is to continue disconnecting from the past thoughts that you
have been thinking that have led you to judge and be fearful. For the entire day, think to yourself:

The only truth is that love is always present in this moment.

In the present moment we have the ability to choose only love.

The only truth is that love is real.


A Course in Miracles, Foundation for Inner Peace.


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