An essential function of a miracle worker is to bring miracles to the world. In order to be able to do this your own life must be aligned with the truth of miracles, which begins with the realization that you are blessed, you are completely forgiven and can happily bless with love all others you come in contact with in the world!

Living a Blessed Life

Spend time daily appreciating of all the blessings you have in your life. Feel yourself living a blessed life every minute of every day. Appreciate everything. Appreciate yourself. Appreciate every ‘problem’ that arises in your life. Living a blessed life is at the foundation of miracle work.

Transcendent Forgiveness

You are given instantaneous forgiveness from God every moment of every day.  Search your mind for anyone that you are upset with or silently hoping will apologize for something. Say to yourself, “I offer _____________ complete forgiveness now”. Continue this process until you feel the waves of forgiveness throughout your day. Every day provides us with new opportunities to practice transcendent forgiveness. Appreciate all the relationships you have with family, friends and co-workers as the divine teachers sent to you to teach you how to appreciate and forgive daily!

Loving The Ego

For a miracle worker, only love is real. The ego believes in things other than love, it believes in illness, stress, anger, retaliation and attack. The ego can make you feel better or worse than others. The ego is illusion, it is here to help us to identify the truth. For without the opposite of God, an all loving creative force, we would not be able to know the totality of the expression of God on earth. So we need the ego in order to see God, but the ego is also the primary illusion that we believe in that keeps us separate from God.  Love is truth. Love shares messages of compassion, it will never lead you in the wrong direction, but will only bring you closer to God.  You can befriend your ego by seeing all you do with love. You can befriend the ego of others by seeing all they do with love.

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