As you open to a different perception of reality then you have been trained by life to believe is true, you will find ease in letting go of illusions.

The essence of an illusion, as described in the Course in Miracles, is a separation from love. Therefore, to let go of all illusions is to let go of any thoughts, feelings or actions that do not reflect total love for yourself and your fellow human beings. It is common as human beings to view another person as ‘weak’ or ‘bad’ to view yourself as more ‘special’ than another. However, the meaning of love is lost in any relationship that looks to weakness or sin or seeks specialness, and hopes to find love there.

The power of love lies in the strength of unconditional divine love. This is what, as miracle workers, we strive to align with. This is a love far more perfect than human love. This love knows, trusts and believes in the perfect nature of every human being. This is the foundational energetic principle of miracle work. In order to open your life up to the healing power of Divine love, you must first let go of all illusions of ‘weakness’, ‘wrongness’ or ‘specialness’ in the world. In God’s eyes, we are all perfect children of love.

As you let go of the illusions that you perceive as reality, you recognize that only God’s love is real. As you notice illusions throughout your day, write down the following statements and repeat them to yourself.

Weakness is an illusion of my mind, I choose to let all thoughts of weakness of myself or another go.

Specialness is an illusion of my mind, I know that every human being is a divine emanation of God’s love, perfect in truth.

Apply this idea to everything you see today. Don’t try to include everything, but rather practice the attitude throughout the day, whatever your eyes fall on.

Practice this for the entire day. The essence of this practice is to recognize that only love is real. The reality that we operate within during the day is simply a manifestation of our own thoughts, emotions and actions in the world. However, beneath and within this outer world lies the true essence of reality, and this is love. Your mind will slowly adjust to seeing through the current reality to see only the love that God has.


As I recognize that all is God’s love, the walls that separate me from my brothers and all of humanity begin to fall.

I rejoice in the knowledge that love is the only true reality!

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