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The Indigo Movement is an international group of humans dedicated to reducing the prevalence of illness and disease through spreading an awareness about, training in and access to holistic health practices.


We are high vibration lovers and practice holistic healing as a way of life! As Indigo children & adults, we are here to live in higher dimensions on earth again. We are here to lead with intuition and love, to practice unconditional compassion, to fulfill our divine purpose, & to speak our truth.

Joining the Indigo Movement is free! Every month, you will receive an Indigo Movement Newsletter to your email inbox. In that email will be a meditation or energy healing experience. Our meditations and energy healing experiences are all designed to help you align with your own natural state of transcendent health. We will also share inspiration through a behind the scenes look at our multidimensional healing courses at Pleiadian Institute, our holistic healing treatments at Indigo Clinic and our crystal healing adventures at OM Apothecary!

> Get Inspired to Awaken Your Highest Self

> Receive a Monthly Guided Meditation & Creative Visualization or Multidimensional Energy Healing Experience

> Behind the Scenes of our Workshops, Courses and Retreats


 How are you being called to express your highest self in the world?

Join us as we weave the fabric of the new Earth together first in our hearts & minds.


The Time Is Now To Be The Change We Want To See!


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