Indigo Pathway

Earn credits for each course, event, workshop and retreat you attend. Work towards certification at your own pace!

Welcome to the Indigo Pathway!

Experience the structure and support of our certification programs one step at a time, as you attend courses, retreats, events and workshops at Pleiadian Institute and here with us! Gain credit for each completed course, workshop, event and retreat and work towards certification!

STEP I: Register for a course, event, workshop or retreat and you are instantly enrolled in Indigo Pathway!

Upon completion, you will gain access to our Indigo Pathway portal, where you can track your progress and credits earned!

STEP II: With each new course, event, workshop or retreat you attend, you move closer to certification!

Are you unsure what modalities you want to train in? Do you have interests that overlap between multiple programs? Crystal Healing, Energy Healing, Spiritual Healing, Hypnotherapy… you can create a program based on your intuitively guided decisions, and all credit accumulates towards certification!

STEP III: After you have completed 51% of credit towards your certification program, you earn full benefits as a student!

This includes Transcendent Business Practicum and YLAB, a career incubator for holistic health professionals are just a few of the benefits that you earn once you are more than half way done with your program.

Get Started Today on the Indigo Pathway!

Select a course, retreat, event or workshops at Pleiadian Institute or here with us!

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