Indigo Children were first identified through an indigo colored light that could be seen in the auras of children beginning in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Indigo Children have multidimensional awareness of and connection to spirit. The following list contains common characteristics attributed to the Indigo Children.

– Indigo Children often feel a strong connection to the divine from an early age.

– We are born with an empathetic connection to Earth and to others thoughts.

– We have heightened intuitive abilities such as telepathy and extra-sensory perception

– We can find it difficult to regularly perform repetitive tasks.

– Although we have an empathy for the earth, we can often display limited or no empathy towards others, our world often revolves around us.

– Indigo Children are often diagnosed with Autism, ADD or ADHD, which we now know to be Attention Dialed into a Higher Dimension 🙂

– We are gifted and talented and often excel in the creative arts.

– We develop abstract thinking at a young age.

– We are frequent daydreamers.

– We have very sensitive bodies and energy fields and often absorb the energy of others, leading us to feel sick from circumstances that do not bother other people.

– Indigo Children come into the world feeling like we are royalty and often act like it.

– We have a feeling of deserving to be here and are surprised when others do not feel the same way.

– We have a strong sense of self worth and are not afraid to tell others who we are.

– We have difficulty with absolute authority that has no explanation or choice.

– We get frustrated with large systems that are regimented and do not allow for creative thought (like the public school system).

– Indigo Children often see better ways of doing things at home and in the world, which makes us great reformers of outdated systems.

– We can seem antisocial unless we are around like-minded people, if there are no others of a similar consciousness around us we tend to turn inward and feel misunderstood, this can often result in problems fitting in.

– We will not respond to guilt or demands.

– We are not always open in letting others know what we need, we often expect our need to just be fulfilled.

We are here to trust our intuition rise into our divinity.

We are here to create a new web of energies on Earth, a web of peace and unconditional love.

Here is a little poem I wrote to capture the essence of the Indigo Spirit.



Dancing with light, your soul was afire, inhibitions unknown observing and flowing with the mirage like beings that surrounded you. All levels of existence and of awareness are available to you, you know your deepest truth stripped bare of the outside world…

you are an utterly divine being.

Hope is on the horizon as you brace for unexpected leaps and strides becoming who you know you are. Shine in your full radiance wherever that may be.

Your dance will reward you greatly as you fall deeper into it, as you knew it like you know the light, everything will come together in moments that can only be described as

purely ecstatic.

As you allow your feet to reach back down to the ground,

fever breaks.

You are allowed to be all that you are.

Sing your Song.
Dance your Dance.
Live to Embody the Light.
Seek Compassion for all Darkness.

Emerge Into Being.

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