“Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” Rumi 

The spiritual principles that underlie the gift economic system pave the way to material abundance. You receive freely and the more that you receive, the more you are organically inspired to give and more open to receive in every other area of your life from the universe.

What is a Gift Economy?

A beautiful description of the gift economic system that has inspired our vision in alignment with the true nature of the universe,

“When we all share, we create an abundance of love, trust, gratitude, happiness, peace and sustainability. Nature is the most beautiful example of how the gift economy works…

Imagine a tree….

The tree is provided for by all living things, always and forever sustained.
The tree doesn’t wonder where and when the next rain is coming from. It just is. A tree’s only focus is to be. As the tree grows, it is naturally serving all living things all around it. The tree gives oxygen, food, shelter, and much more. The tree also receives all it requires in order to make its design manifest sustainably. The tree is gifted shelter from the ground, water from the sky, and food through all living things that share space with it. Life is designed to share symbiotic relationships with one another. One being natural serves another while receiving the gifts from the other.
The tree and all living things live abundantly and all needs are made possible by the service of another by just BEING.
This is the natural circle of life.

Humans were not designed any differently from a tree, bird, buffalo, grass, micro-organism, or a bee.”

It is in God’s design for us as human beings that we serve each other in ways that makes our hearts sing. This is the essence of our natural state of being. As we begin to operate from this beautiful new place of sharing goods and services, we believe we can change the very fabric of our world.

How Our Hybrid Gift Economic System Works

Our hybrid gift economy will utilize both a traditional monetary system and a volunteer benefit system. We will continue regular monetary transactions for all of our products treatments events, retreats & training. All are also available for an exchange of time as part of our volunteer benefits ❤

So how can you volunteer? APPLY HERE.

As you receive, your capacity to love expands, as you give from your heart and of what you have an abundance of in your life, you spread the greatest amount of love possible out in all directions. Love Abounds!! I envision this beautiful new system as a new way of living, giving and receiving.

My singular hope is that every single person in the world who needs holistic health treatment and support comes through our virtual doors and walks out feeling more awakened, energized and inspired to move through life with gratitude for the abundant universe that we are all so very blessed to be a part of. I leave you with this beautiful prayer by Marianne Williamson. As we all surrender, we can work together to create a real heaven on earth.

Dear God,

I surrender to you who I am, what I have and what I do. May my life and talents be used in whatever way serves You best. I surrender to you my failures and any pain still left in my heart. I surrender to you my success and the hopes that they contain. May the Light of Your Love shine deep within my heart and extend through me and bless the world.


Want to Learn More?

Want to be part of this REVOLUTIONARY way of being in the world? Join us and become a volunteer today!

We can systematically change the way we are living by changing the systems that we participate in 🙂 A major inspiration for our program is Karma Kitchen.

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