A gift based economic system is much more in alignment with the true nature of the universe. When we all share, we create an abundance of love, trust, gratitude, happiness, peace and sustainability.

Nature is the most beautiful example of how the gift economy works…

Imagine a tree…. The tree is provided for by all living things, always and forever sustained. The tree doesn’t wonder where and when the next rain is coming from. It just is. A tree’s only focus is to be. As the tree grows, it is naturally serving all living things all around it. The tree gives oxygen, food, shelter, and much more. The tree also receives all it requires in order to make its design manifest sustainably. The tree is gifted shelter from the ground, water from the sky, and food through all living things that share space with it.

Life is designed to share symbiotic relationships with one another. In our most natural self we can serve another while receiving the gifts from the other. The tree and all living things live abundantly and all needs are made possible by the service of another by just BEING.

This is the natural circle of life. Humans were not designed any differently from a tree, bird, buffalo, grass, micro-organism, or a bee.

It is in God’s design for us as human beings that we serve each other in ways that makes our hearts sing. This is the essence of our natural state of being. This is the essence of the gift economy.

What is a Hybrid Gift Economy?

A hybrid gift economy has three key components:

– Goods and services are given on a free and pay it forward basis.
– Goods and services are given in exchange for money or time.
– No one is turned away.

This means we create, then we share. You can share with us in exchange for what we share with you. Share with the money you have earned, or share with your time. We also give a portion of our goods and services freely. This is done in the form of free research clinics and healing workshops. If you are called to learn what we are called to share and teach – then we are meant to be here together! A hybrid gift economy gives EVERY HUMAN the opportunity to give and receive freely!

I am updating this article in 2020 and we have been operating with this system for 7 years now. This practice has helped us to step into an even greater light in the world today!

The spiritual principles that underlie the gift economic system pave the way to material abundance. We have had so many more people come through our doors as a result of this operation that it has fundamentally changed the way we operate our business. We have created 2 public programs that lead anyone who is called through our most popular healing programs! We have been organically inspired to give more, and we have opened to receive more. Our capacity to love has expanded, and we have realized how important this structure is to help the many people in the world who need it. As we have given what we have an abundance of, we have felt the greatest love ever pouring back in.

It has been messy, and not without growing pains. We shut down operating with this system for several years because we had to create proper structure to support people. We started by giving too much and it was not sustainable for us. We had to learn how to do this in a different way than we originally imagined. I have learned that people that pay with money and people that pay with time and people who receive services completely for free consistently operate in very different ways through the healing work. We had to change what we were doing to address this. I am writing, reflecting and documenting the journey we took to create this new structure and I will update this space with my results when I am complete. 

A hybrid gift economy is a new way of living, giving and receiving. My singular hope is that every single person in the world who is called to holistic healing comes through our virtual doors and walks out more awakened, energized and inspired. We are given the gift of a massively abundant life, yet that is not the reality that many people live in. We can change this together when we find ways to sustainably give and share freely from our hearts!

As we all give with love, we can work together to create a real Heaven on Earth.

Want to Join Us? To participate in our hybrid gift economy, become a part of our Indigo Family. I am updating this article in 2020 and we have built a beautiful new virtual operations center for our Indigo Family!! You can join us from anywhere in the world, and share your time, expertise and skills with us in exchange for participation in our programs. Visit our Indigo Family Operations Center & explore all of our opportunities today! 

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