Energy healing is a practice that works with the subtle energy fields of your body to bring about increased physical, mental and emotional health. In an energy healing treatment the healer channels universal loving energy and following a specific practice, begins to communicate that energy and transmit it to you. This universal loving energy is also called Universal Life Force Energy, which is also described as Reiki, God’s Love, Divine Light and Universal Love. This energy is eternal and infinite. It is the essence of our cells and of life itself. This energy is not subject to human laws of time and space and can be transmitted over thousands of miles instantly. The best way to understand the essence of this energy is to think of smiling at a newborn baby. A newborn baby (when he/she is smiling 🙂 is the symbol of God’s radiant love. You can feel this warmth instantly. Even if you are watching a baby on tv, you may feel this warmth come through the tv and touch you. This is a simple example of how simple the flow of divine energy can be across time and space.

What Affect Will Energy Healing Have On My Body?

When we channel Universal Love through our bodies it subtly affects everything. During a healing treatment, your energy field is ‘imprinted’ with these high vibrating energetic frequencies. Once the healing takes place, you have access to the healing energies for as long as you choose to access them. This is how energy works. Because energy healing works with your subtle energy field, the healing takes place subtly over time. For a great article about the benefits of regular energy healing treatments, read my personal journey here.

Once your healing has taken place, you can still call upon the healing energies in the future. In fact, our energy healing treatments come with a recording of the treatment so that you can listen to the entire treatment over again in the comfort of your own home on a professionally recorded MP3, emailed to you after the treatment.

The healing that you do after and in between your energy healing treatments is just as important as the treatment itself. During the healing a certain ‘tone’ or ‘frequency’ is transmitted to your energy body. When you return to the healing music or words, your body will continue to heal…

Your Inherent Perfection…

The essence of our work as energy healers is to bring you to the recognition and remembrance that on some level, you are as perfect as all other manifestations of Universal Source energy on this planet. You are as perfect as a butterfly, as a blade of grass and as the soft breeze…

You don’t need to change to be a better person, you are already perfect exactly as you are.

This is where we start. You may ask, how can I be perfect if I have a physical condition, ill-ness or dis-ease that is negatively affecting my health? The lesson to learn from all ill-ness, dis-ease or negative conditions is that these elements present themselves in our lives so we will wake up and start living from a more intentional place. The ill-ness or dis-ease is actually your gift, for it points to the area of imbalance that you would be best served to concentrate on in your life. In this way, God is always moving you towards a state of divine perfection, and transcendent health.

If you find it hard to see perfection in yourself, it is only because there are aspects of your life that are out of alignment with your highest self. This may have happened because you have not yet found how to live in total alignment with your highest self. You may have low expectations of yourself, or an inability to embody your highest self in some area. This is because there is some aspect of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs or actions that is not congruent with your highest self. For example, you may envision your perfect self as a certain weight or in a certain state of physical fitness. The only reason you currently don’t embody your ideal weight or body state is because there are some thoughts, feelings or beliefs that you have that are leading you to take actions that do not support your ideal weight and body state.

Judgements, limiting beliefs, fears, insecurities, addictions and worldly desires are all the things you must work through in order to uncover your true self. Once you let go of your negative feelings and thoughts, and immerse yourself with thoughts, feelings and beliefs that support your ideal self, you move into alignment with your highest self.

This is not something that happens in one hour. You go on to practice with the new thoughts, feelings and beliefs that you need to embody in order to move into your highest self. It’s the journey of a lifetime, and energy healing is a powerful tool to lift you up into a higher vibration right now so that you can experience the rapid healing and manifestation of your dreams that is your birthright! As you connect and reconnect to the Universal Source of Love and Light and recognize yourself as a perfect emanation of that light, you will begin to see the perfect emanation of that light that exists in all others. It is a beautiful process and there is no better feeling in the world than being connected to Universal Love all day and living in the divine awareness of the perfection of the universe. For this reason, energy healing is one of the greatest gifts we can give to one another!

Want to Learn More?

Bringing more clarity, focus and wellbeing into your life begins with regular practice. Becoming part of a community committed to practicing healthy and spiritually centered daily routines can give you the extra help you need to stay on track. Our Indigo Membership programs are designed to do just that. With all levels of our Indigo Memberships you receive unlimited access to our guided meditation and creative visualization virtual programs as well as personalized holistic health treatments designed to help you move into transcendent health in your life.

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