Holistic health treatments, although practiced since the beginning of the recorded history of medicine, are not widely available today. Rural, international and low-income communities often suffer from limited access to specialty health services. There can be considerable travel costs and limited time constraints when an individual does find a qualified holistic health practitioner. This can deter someone from seeking quality holistic health care.

Telehealth & Telemedicine: An Overview

Telehealth and Telemedicine are emerging fields that provide health services and treatments using live, interactive videoconferencing. It is a revolutionary field that allows those who would otherwise not have access to specialty health services to connect with a qualified practitioner thousands of miles away at a fraction of the cost of traveling to the office of a professional.

There have been many recent studies in the field of telemedicine that report positive results treating conditions such as dementia, ADHD, depression, pain management, PTSD and eating disorders.

Benefits of Holistic Telehealth and Telemedicine

There have not been any published studies of benefits from holistic health practices via videoconferencing. Although there are many healers who practice holistic health methods using methods such as Skype and over the telephone, there is yet to be a professional standard for holistic health practices delivered virtually.

Holistic health treatments serve to enhance your wellbeing and assist in healing from physical virus, disease or injury and from mental and emotional health problems. Today, telehealth is used widely to treat health issues, but not as a preventative measure.

Our Process

I have had the honor of operating Indigo International’s first online clinic for the past 5 years. In this space I have seen firsthand the tremendous healing that has taken place in this format. It has taken alot of extra work to bring our healing clinic online, and as the technology changes, there is always training to complete. However, every minute has been worth it. Especially through this COVID situation worldwide and the ensuing racial violence that has erupted in the United States, I have been reminded daily of the power of this space we have created. I have been able to maintain my daily practice with little disruption. I also have the blessing of being able to be sending healing light all over the world through the treatments themselves! The clients that I have worked with have mostly been clients that I originally worked with in person and the students I am working with at Pleiadian Institute. The last few months have really shown me that we are not alone, we just need the structure to support one another.

I would like to share with you in a series of posts, our process in creating Indigo Clinic, our newest holistic clinic where we are delivering holistic telehealth treatments. The number one challenge in this process has been honoring the number of people that reach out to us for support that are not ready to commit to a full treatment program. Building relationships is key to this, and that has been one of the biggest lessons. It takes focus and courage to create a structure that supports communication with hundreds and thousands of people that you have never met.

So this process is not just about the technical details, but the mindset that we have entered into this process with so that we honor each connection that we make. We have created a sacred space within our healing clinic. As soon as you decide to begin treatment with us, you are honored as a divine being of light. This requires us to think differently then traditional telehealth models, that follow a more describe the symptom, prescribe the medicine process. Our intention is to help you move into a state of transcendent health. So it is not just about healing from an illness, but about reaching up into the highest state of health possible for you to experience on Earth!

This is the future of our planet. Helping one another, connecting with those that are here to help us reach our highest potential, no matter where we are or what our circumstance. I believe this with all my heart.

Though our daily holistic tele-health treatments we are participating in the creation of a new age of healthcare. The key to this shift is real support and connection with people who deeply care.

We use illness, disease or injury as an opportunity to come into deeper alignment with your highest self. We shift the focus from the dis-ease or illness through the implementation of evidence based holistic healing modalities. This process sets the stage for an enlightened preventative approach.

In the next 5 posts, I will share with you our specific process within the Indigo Clinic that we use to deliver our holistic healing treatments. I will link the posts here as I complete them, for now…here is a preview of what is coming!

1. Holistic Telehealth Process: Intake, Discovery and Treatment Programs

2. Holistic Telehealth Process: Treatment Records & Feedback

3. Holistic Telehealth Process: Treatment Check-Ins, Client Dashboard

4. Holistic Telehealth Process: Community Planning, International Clients

5. Holistic Telehealth Process: Transcendent Business Practices

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Indigo Clinic is our new online space where we are delivering holistic healing treatments and supportive programs.

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